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05/18/2017 7:05

Some Good Advice

President Trump finds himself embroiled in a number of controversies at the moment. Blame whomever you want for the scandal-of-the-day, someone needs to tell Trump that the only thing he should be talking and tweeting about is getting the economy back on track.

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05/18/2017 6:55

The Media Has Lost Its Marbles

It’s worse than slanted, it’s flat-out rigged against our president and he knows it. Yesterday at the Coast Guard Academy commencement ceremony, President Trump said, “Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media. No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

 The days of honest, ethical journalism guided by facts, not political motives, have been replaced by agenda-driven activism by political operatives masquerading as mainstream media journalists.

Each and every week, they have manufactured a continual cycle of “fake news” crises about the Trump administration for the sole purpose of smearing the Republican leader so that Democrats can take back power in the midterms and 2020.


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05/18/2017 6:45

Paglia: Democrats are colluding with the media to create chaos

"Democrats are doing this in collusion with the media obviously, because they just want to create chaos," she said when asked to comment on the aforementioned stories. "They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any progress on anything."

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05/17/2017 10:16

Tweet Truthfullly on Campus. Get Sacked

Reporter and multimedia editor Andy Ngo was sacked for simply tweeting a video of a Muslim student characterizing his religion on an interfaith panel at Portland State University. 

In the video an unnamed Muslim student explains how under Islamic Law being a non-believer or infidel is not an option.

Ngo writing in the National Review explains what happened next:

My editor, whom I deeply respected at the time, called me “predatory” and “reckless,” telling me I had put the life and well-being of the Muslim student and his family at risk.

She said that my tweets implied the student advocated the killing of atheists.

Another person in the meeting said I should have taken into account the plight of victimized groups in the “current political climate.”

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05/17/2017 12:48

Obama DOJ refused to hire veterans for jobs: Investigation

The Obama Justice Department discriminated against military veterans, trying to force them to withdraw their applications for two job postings — then canceling the postings altogether and rewriting the jobs to prevent the veterans from qualifying, a government watchdog said Wednesday.

Under federal law, veterans should have gotten preferential consideration for the two positions in the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. But Justice officials had their eye on non-veterans, and scheduled meetings off-site to try to force the veteran candidates to withdraw their applications, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said.

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05/17/2017 7:33

A Good Idea

Trump presses more countries take back U.S. deportees in immigration success

Between cajoling, threats and actual punishments, Homeland Security has managed to drastically cut the number of countries that habitually refuse to take back immigrants whom the U.S. is trying to deport, officials said Tuesday, notching an early immigration success for President Trump.

The number of recalcitrant countries has dropped from 20 to 12 over the months since the presidential election, and some longtime offenders — including Iraq and Somalia — have earned their way off the naughty list. The list of countries is the shortest this decade.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials couldn’t immediately say how many people have been deported because of the changes, but Somalia has taken back 259 just seven months into the fiscal year. That is far more than the 198 it took back in all of 2016 and the 17 it took in 2015.

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05/17/2017 6:47

There's More Meltdowns to Come

Media Reach Peak Meltdown Over Comey Memo, Russian Disclosure. (But I'm not sure it's peak yet.)

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05/17/2017 6:34

And They Often Do

Judges Who Fret Over Trump’s Motives Are Ignoring US Judicial History (They often ignore the Constitution too)

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05/16/2017 7:13

The Pension Crisis

Last April, we highlighted research from Joshua Rauh, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, placing America’s state and local pension shortfall at an eye-popping $3.4 trillion. This year, Rauh has crunched the numbers again—and, despite a growing stock market, the situation has not improved. The Financial Times reports:

US cities and states face a “looming crisis” after the collective funding hole in the public pension system jumped by $434bn in just one year, raising fears of further Detroit-style bankruptcies.

According to academic research shared exclusively with FTfm, US public pension funds lack $3.85tn that they need to pay the retirement benefits of current and retired workers. […]

Big pension deficits have already contributed to the bankruptcy of several US cities, including Detroit. Puerto Rico, the US territory, this month declared a form of bankruptcy after amassing debt and pension obligations of $123bn.

The numbers are so grim that it is hard to see how America gets through the next recession and its aftermath without a wave of municipal bankruptcies. Public employee unions have managed to extract promises from state and local governments that are simply impossible to keep. And those governments have been papering over the extent of their obligations with accounting assumptions that are so overly-optimistic as to be deceptive.

Before the bankruptcies, however, there will be pain. School budgets will be cut, civil servant salaries will stagnate, welfare services will atrophy, new fines will be imposed, and infrastructure will be neglected as state legislatures and city councils try to make room in their budget for ballooning pension contributions.

If the governing class had shown more backbone, accounted for pensions more responsibly, imposed reasonable restrictions on union power, and distributed cutbacks more gradually, the situation might not be as dire as it is today. But now the pension vise is tightening fast, and it looks like decades of elite shortsightedness will come at a great cost, especially for the most vulnerable Americans.

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05/16/2017 7:06

How SJWs are Destroying Education

Mizzou likely to cut hundreds of positions amid expected 7 percent enrollment drop (Gosh I wonder what happened to cause the enrollment drop)

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05/16/2017 6:46

In Honor of the Blue

President Donald Trump put on the public pro-police display for Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Roughly one year ago, President Barack Obama faced intense scrutiny for declining to turn the White House blue following the Dallas police shooting, even after a request from the head of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

The law enforcement community and police supporters were in full support of Trump's show of support.

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05/15/2017 4:42

So the Constitution Changes with Presidents

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05/15/2017 10:18

Make Sure the Anointing Is On You Before Attemping This

Pastor attempting to walk on water like Jesus is eaten by crocodiles (Apparantly the pastor decided by himself to try this. Bad decision. God did not tell him to do this...)

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05/15/2017 7:21

Christianity diminishing In England, Islam rising

Although there has been an overall trend towards secularization in Britain, the figures also show record numbers of people from non-Christian faiths, such as Islam and Hinduism.

The number of British people identifying as Christian dropped from 55 percent to 43 percent between 1983 and 2015. By contrast, non-Christian believers such as Muslims and Hindus quadrupled.

“The rise of the non-religious is arguably the story of British religious history over the past half-century or so,” Bullivant said.

(However, the British Lion of Judah will rise again. British missionaries have changed the world. Due to the grace of God, the nation won't fall.)

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05/15/2017 6:54

Fake News on the 2018 Election by the AP

The Associated Press headlines: “In swing districts, voters vent over health care, fear Trump.” A more accurate headline would be, “A handful of rabid Democrats hate President Trump.” But that wouldn’t be news. 

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05/15/2017 6:44


Here’s a little test. It’s been about six months since Trump treated The Smartest Most Accomplished Woman In The World like a NordicTrack treats Harry Reid, and does anyone know even one person who has said, “You know, I voted for Trump, but now after Neil Gorsuch, General Mattis and H.R. McMaster, I really wish I had checked the box for Felonia von Pantsuit?

I’m not talking about alt-right weirdos – they don’t count. I mean literally, unless they remove their off-brand Nike knock-offs. I mean normal people. Who voted for Trump and now says something remotely like this?

Yeah, I really regret not letting Hillary pick a SCOTUS judge who thinks the Constitution bans guns but mandates taxpayer-subsidized transsexual abortions!

Wow, that 70% drop in illegal alien entries into America and all those deportations of MS-13 guys are depriving the country of valuable, productive future Democrat voters!

Gosh, I hate so much how Trump has paid attention to that sliver of our country lying between I-5 and I-95!

It was Ashley Judd’s v-cap slam poetry, combined with Bill Nye’s sex confusion clip, that convinced me what America needs is liberals back in power!

No one.

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05/14/2017 1:51

The Reason ESPN Is Losing viewers and money

Saturday Edition of ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ Sponsored by MSNBC

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05/14/2017 9:37

And In]Beer News

A man promised free beer for life by his landlord when he reached the age of 100 is toasting his longevity.

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05/14/2017 9:33

More Media Hysterics

Really, this is ridiculous. A hysterical Democrat press echoes hysterical Democrats making them even more hysterical. They compare Donald Trump's firing of Jim Comey to when Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox in an attempt to cover up the Watergate scandal. But there are two big differences. One, there's no scandal — and two, if there were, there'd be no trustworthy press to report it.

After eight years of lying belly up like a panting puppy while Barack Obama abused the IRS, corrupted the Justice Department, and mishandled the Middle East, journalists with zero credibility wonder why no one takes their breathless Trump madness seriously.

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