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04/25/2017 1:35

It Was Bound to Come to This

Students at Pomona College have published a demand letter urging administrators to rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white

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04/25/2017 11:13

Three Cheers for Cats

Texas police capture rattlesnake stared down by 'fearless cat'

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04/25/2017 11:04

Never Thought He Was

At 100 Days, Trump's No Russian Stooge or Fascist


Before Donald Trump won the election in November we were warned: He is a Russian stooge. He is a fascist. He will upend the protocols and traditions that make governing possible. This is not normal.


Now that we are approaching the 100-day mark, it's worth noting that the president is defying the expectations of his resistance. And while there is plenty to oppose in Trump's young presidency, he is neither the Siberian Candidate nor the second coming of Mussolini. 


Let's start with Russia. The FBI is still investigating whether and how his campaign may have colluded with Moscow's efforts to influence the presidential election. And yet in terms of actual policy, Trump has settled on a much tougher line with Russia than how he campaigned or in his first few weeks.


In the first month of Trump's presidency, there were legitimate concerns he would attempt a grand bargain with Russia. He boasted that it was an asset that Russian president Vladimir Putin liked him. And he went out of his way to spare Putin from the harsh criticism he reserved for just about everyone else.


But there has been no reset. In fact it's fair to say that Trump has been much kinder to China, Russia's traditional Asian rival. Trump ended any chance for the multilateral trade deal with China's neighbors known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He dropped his threat to revisit the One-China Policy that requires the U.S. not to recognize Taiwan's sovereignty. More recently, he has said he won't pursue China for currency manipulation, and tells us he is pleased by China's cooperation against North Korea during the current nuclear crisis.


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04/25/2017 10:58

Iran Deal Was Worse Than We Thought

What if Donald Trump had unilaterally shut down every investigation into Russian espionage, released over 20 suspected Russian spies, struck a deal to get rid of sanctions against Russia—in return for honoring deals that had been signed years before—and then lied to the American people about the entire episode?

That’s the Obama Administration’s Iran deal. It might have been the first time the United States has offered extensive concessions to a nation that has continued to destabilize its interests, for nothing in return. But Barack Obama didn’t just support Iran’s position over our allies like Israel (no surprise there, considering his antagonism) or Sunni nations—he supported it ahead of his own Justice Department’s 30-year counterproliferation efforts.

(This is what good reporting looks like. Guessing the MSM will ignore.)

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04/24/2017 7:36

This is Interesting

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove. Overall approval of the president’s performance is at its highest level since early March.

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04/24/2017 7:23

Science is Rarely Settled

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04/24/2017 7:01

How True

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04/23/2017 2:53

Which Should Be Obvious

Poll: 67% Of Americans Say The Democrats Are Out Of Touch With Their Concerns


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04/23/2017 2:47

What Journalism Has Come To

The Time a Professional Football Team Fact-Checked the New York Times  (Well, it's about time someone did.)

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04/21/2017 8:42

Let's See Where This Leads

In a major victory in the ongoing Lois Lerner scandal at the IRS, non-profit election integrity organization True the Vote defeated an IRS motion to quash discovery in True the Vote v. IRS. The ruling means that everyone involved in the scandal could be compelled to submit every document related to the case and be deposed by True the Vote's legal team.

From Their Press Release: Judge Reggie Walton of U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia just issued a critical order in True the Vote v. IRS case. The order compels the IRS to submit to discovery and depositions, giving True the Vote a long-awaited opportunity to expose the full scope of the discriminatory practices used by the Internal Revenue Service to target and abuse organizations and individuals who expressed political views in opposition to the Obama Administration.

 In an exclusive interview, the lawyer representing True the Vote, Jim Bopp, Jr., cheered the ruling:

What we have now is an opportunity to find out who did what. The IRS has doggedly fought anyone finding out what happened and how it happened that they launched this comprehensive campaign to attack and undermine and adversely treat Tea Party and other conservative groups. We finally get an opportunity to find out.

(The press basically looked the other way in this matter. Be interesting to see where this leads)

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04/20/2017 1:39

Glad To See Someone Noticed

Jake Tapper: Press Was ‘Very Friendly’ to Obama, Many Drank ‘The Kool-Aid’

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04/20/2017 7:33

A Pause

Battling hte flu and have a root canal scheduled Friday. Not much blogging this week.

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04/19/2017 7:58

Maybe Diversity Isn't Our Strength

Harvey Mudd College has been roiled by a self-study, informally titled the Wabash report, that referred to some anonymous faculty declaring that efforts to promote diversity in the student body had lowered the quality of the school.  At first, the school tried to block publication or censor parts of the report, completed in 2015, but leaks began and The Student Life, the school newspaper, ran what it said was the full report on March 24 of this year.

(Expect the college and the media to squash the report)

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04/19/2017 8:17

Dems Didn't Even Win Moral Victory in Georgia

I don’t want to sound like the Baghdad Bob of the 2018 election cycle, but the special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district was yet another reminder that despite the mainstream media’s relentless narrative attempting to turn the early days of the Trump administration into a story of GOP rout, reality has stubbornly refused to cooperate with them.

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04/19/2017 7:27

Why the Change

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04/19/2017 7:09

Despite What Media Says..

There is no real evidence that Trump voters are turning on Trump

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04/17/2017 7:08

Not Surprising

Many voters still question IRS honesty.  (Gosh, I wonder why.)

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04/17/2017 7:05

Slowly Rising

Rasmussen has President Trump's approval rating at 48%. Doubt this will be noted by MSM but...

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