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03/30/2017 7:44

The Biggest Sports/TV Story of Decade

ESPN Has Seen the Future of TV and They’re Not Really Into It. (Executives wanted to become the sports MSNBC and now they're paying the price)

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03/30/2017 6:56

Calif. Justice

Even the L.A. Times thinks "Felony charges are a disturbing overreach for the duo behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos"

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03/29/2017 8:05

Polls are Flexible

Rasmussen has Trump's approval rating at 44%. RCP average is 42% CBS 40% Gallup 36%. So which poll will get all the media coverage...Yes, you're right.

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03/29/2017 7:59

California Drought and Climage Change

The correct answer is that the multi-year drought started and ended the way they always have, cyclically and naturally.

Humans can no more control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity than the can the Earth’s orbit or solar activity itself.

This extend well beyond California by the way -- it's actually a national problem.

On Nov. 12, 2009, Gore told the Tonight Show the earth was several million degrees two kilometers below the surface. He was only about 100% off which is as close as most of his predictions. Normally when someone is that far off they are not considered an expert.

The reason Gore and others won’t debate is because they use a computer model instead of facts to support their theory.

I blame the media for the indoctrination and fear mongering because they never ask questions. They call it settled science.  

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03/29/2017 7:32

More Academic Malpractice

Here’s (some of the)  epic email suspended Christian sent his Muslim professor to challenge her flawed lessons


I think it’s great to be a theological apologist but not in a secular setting — I don’t know whether this was just a mistake or not so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. In order to stop a textual embarrassment in the Quran from coming to light in class you proceeded to ignore the facts when I asked a pertinent question about Mohammed. He had an adopted son which divorced his wife so he could marry him and although you finally admitted it was twisted, it took until I looked up the verse that you believed me.


Your bias is blatantly evident in your misinformation about the historical Jesus and moreover manifested in the lack of discussion about Wellhausen’s documentary hypothesis (with you taking the theological position that Moses wrote the first five books of the Torah). No one takes either position that you gave in the archaeological or secular biblical fields.


Also your brainwashing session about sharia law at the United States of Rollins ignores what the vast majority of people in countries like Egypt and Iraq really believe in regards to misogyny, homophobia or religious freedom.

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03/28/2017 9:10

Miracles of Miracles

Former abortionist opens massive pro-life clinic, praises Jesus as ‘the great physician’

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03/28/2017 6:40

And There Are Endless Lists To Come

The Gray Lady builds a new list of offensive racial terms  (Just wait for all the other lists)

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03/28/2017 9:44

How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive

There’s no getting around it: For a girl raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Salt Lake City is a very weird place.

I went to Utah precisely because it’s weird. More specifically, because economic data suggest that modest Salt Lake City, population 192,672, does something that the rest of us seem to be struggling with: It helps people move upward from poverty. I went to Utah in search of the American Dream.

Once I got there, I found that it’s hard to even get a complete picture of how Utah combats poverty, because so much of the work is done by the Mormon Church, which does not compile neat stacks of government figures for the perusal of eager reporters.

The church did, however, give me a tour of its flagship social service operation, known as Welfare Square. It’s vast and inspiring and utterly foreign to anyone familiar with social services elsewhere in the country. This starts to offer some clue as to why Utah seems to be so good at generating mobility — and why that might be hard to replicate without the Latter-Day Saints.

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03/28/2017 9:39

Trump takes biggest swing yet at Obama climate legacy

President Donald Trump will direct the federal government on Tuesday to begin dismantling his predecessor’s most significant climate change policies, with a sweeping directive telling agencies to stop trying to reduce the carbon pollution of electric utilities, oil and gas drillers and coal miners.

The executive order Trump will sign represents his biggest blow yet to former President Barack Obama’s climate legacy. But it does not go as far as some conservatives would like to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases, nor will it begin to separate the U.S. from a landmark international climate accord — two areas of intense disagreement within the administration.

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03/27/2017 12:16

Glad Sessions is Doing His Job

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday he’ll begin punishing sanctuary cities, withholding potentially billions of dollars in federal money — and even clawing back funds that had been doled out in the past.

Speaking at the White House, Mr. Sessions said his department is preparing to dole out more than $4 billion in funds this year, but will try prevent any of it from going to sanctuaries.

“Countless Americans would be alive today … if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,” Mr. Sessions said.

He said he’s carrying out a policy laid out by the Obama administration last year, which identified three grant programs — the COPS grants, Byrne grants and State Criminal Alien Assistance Program money — that already require sanctuary certification.

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03/27/2017 10:48

Fear and Loathing of Daniel Trump

 Nevertheless, Trump’s more unhinged critics run a similar danger of misreading the strength, elasticity, and purpose of democracy. There is a deeply anti-democratic undercurrent to much of the criticism of the new President, borne aloft by an assumption that democracy is too important to be left to the voters. That undercurrent is perhaps no less dangerous in the long run than the President’s own flaws.

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03/27/2017 9:32

More Criminal Behavior by the Left

Every week it seems more and more as if San Francisco doesn’t really want to be part of the United States anymore. Perhaps that Calexit thing needs a second look…

Out in the City by the Bay, activists are very concerned that Donald Trump will be “George W. Bush on steroids” when it comes to ICE officers locating and deporting illegal aliens. (The fact that Barack Obama left Bush in the dust on that front seems to be lost on them.) But fear not, campers. The Social Justice Warriors are prepared to fight back and are training thousands of “expert witnesses” who can be deployed the scene of ICE activities and hopefully hinder them from doing their awful, evil work of, you know… enforcing the law. (San Francisco Weekly)

(This is, of course, criminal behavior)

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03/27/2017 8:48

Dustin Not the New Tiger, Not Yet...

 Comparing any player with Tiger Woods has always been patently unfair. Only history and Jack Nicklaus are playing the same game when you consider Woods at his best.

That matrix hasn’t changed regardless of Woods’ continued inactivity or the ever-growing cast of would-be world-beaters. But as Dustin Johnson put the finishing touches on another seminal week any alternative comparisons ring hollow.

Since winning the U.S. Open last June, Johnson has won six of 17 starts, including the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play in dominant fashion. That’s a 35 percent winning clip that includes a major and three World Golf Championship keepsakes to become the first player to claim all four WGCs.

Jason Day’s tear through the fall of 2015 and spring of ’16 is a fair comparison when the Australian won seven times in 17 starts (41 percent) including a major, WGC and The Players. Jordan Spieth had a similar run in ’15 when he won four times, twice at a major, in 12 starts (33 percent); and Rory McIlroy went 4-for-14 (28 percent) in 2014-15 for two Grand Slam triumphs and a pair of WGCs.

(It is an amazing streak but no comparisons to Tiger can be made yet. Have to wait a couple of years)

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03/27/2017 8:36

Trump order to undo Obama emissions plan coming Tuesday

President Trump will issue an executive order on Tuesday to begin undoing former President Obama's rule on carbon emissions, Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt said Sunday.

"This is about making sure that we have a pro-growth and pro-environment approach to how we do regulation in this country," Pruitt said on ABC's This Week.

The order, he said, "will address the past administration's efforts to kill jobs across this country through the Clean Power Plan."

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03/27/2017 8:09

Maher Classic Putdown Of Islamic Apologiest

Video: "Every time some bomb goes off, before it goes off, somebody yells ‘Allahu Akbar!’” said Maher. "I never hear anybody go ‘Merry Christmas! This one’s for the flying nun!’ 

Someday, someone is going to explain to me -- rationally and logically -- why apologists for violent Islamists bring up Timothy McVeigh when trying to draw parallels between Christianity and Islam. It just doesn't make any sense. McVeigh was not invoking Christianity in his attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. He was invoking the memory of Ruby Ridge and Waco -- two questionable actions by the federal government that resulted in numerous innocents being killed. Neither one of those incidents had anything to do with religion either (the ATF raid on Waco was for illegal weapons and the FBI assault 

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03/26/2017 6:01

And This is Not Science Fiction

"Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century"   That was scholar Bernard Lewis view 12 years ago and it's becoming true. And Islam is anti-Western. 

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03/26/2017 5:52

But I'm guessing Good Genes Will Help

Two-Thirds of Cancer Mutations Are Random and Unavoidable, Scientists Claim (Apparantly the science wasn't settled)

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03/25/2017 3:41

How True

Against Jihad, a Quantum of Solace Is Not Enough

Pardon my French, but what a steaming pile of horse manure. No one ever said that a single act of Mohammedan violence could shut down a great city; what shuts down a great city is its takeover by Islam. Has any city ever had its quality of life, art and culture improve by a Muslim conquest? The point of the recent attack was not to "shut down" London but to remind the native English that it's only a matter of time before their city falls, as Baghdad, Cairo and others have fallen before it. Like SPECTRE, Islamists have people everywhere:

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