Interesting Bits

05/06/2012 11:39

Didn't Realize There Is a World Beer Cup

Colorado breweries won 13 gold medals there.  (And out-of-shape guys are saying "Now here's a competition I could do good in.")

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05/06/2012 11:29

What Is Bound In Heaven

Showing the power of the blood and name of Jesus.

 The problem: those who lived on the Uruguayan side of the street would not accept the Gospel. None would. While on the Brazilian side, everyone took the tracts graciously. The revival ended exactly at the border. It turns out, says Law, that a group of Christians had specifically taken authority over Brazil -- binding the "prince" of that country but not Uruguay!

What is bound is Heaven...

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05/06/2012 11:20

Wonder If They Will Fly The Rebel Flag

The Upper Penisula of Michigan is talking secession. (As a son of the South, I have sympathy for current secession movements but none for the 1861 exit from the Union. We should have just shot the slaveowners and spared the nation four years of horrible bloodshed.)

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05/06/2012 11:09

A Bit of Bias From The Times

Although the New York Times can still provide good reporting on issues, more and more frequency bias creeps in its stories, as Professor Glenn Reynolds points out. His column is here.

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05/05/2012 11:04

Trouble In The TBN Paradise

First-class “working dinners” are a way of life. In pending lawsuits, the Kopers say that Mr. Crouch, Mrs. Crouch and their son Matthew each ran up meal expenses of at least $300,000 per year. Mr. May, the TBN lawyer, said this was not accurate but did not offer other figures. If true, that does seem a bit excessive. (For the New York Times, which is no doubt gleeful about this, the story seems fair and down the middle. Paul and Jan Crouch have done incredible things for the Kingdom of God. So I'm withholding judgment. How many millions of people have they helped into the Kingdom of God. Then again, more than one ministry has slid into a fiscal ditch, or rather drove into a fiscal ditch in a string of multi-high priced luxury cars.

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05/05/2012 3:32

Creationist Will Lecture at Emory University

Dr. Ben Carson has an incredible life story and is internationally known as a neurosurgeon. You can reject the notion that Earth is 12,000 years old - which it isn't - and still reject the notion that evolution is the only and sole answer to the creation of the human race. It isn't.

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05/05/2012 9:51

Good News - Killing Spree Averted

If we can have more stories about killing sprees averted and child kidnappings stopped... As Christians we must believe that intercessory prayer can hinder or prevent such atrocious crimes. Which is one reason the Lord has established intercessors in the Earth.

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05/05/2012 9:13

"Stand Your Ground" Standoff

Criminals can't use Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

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05/04/2012 11:35

College students today can't write well

Turns out college professors are having trouble with declarative sentences too.

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05/04/2012 9:43

Charles Krauthammer is the most intelligent man on Earth

And he sees through the meaness and the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign

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05/04/2012 2:38

School Says Jesus Shirt is Hate Speech

It's merely another example of the incredible hostility toward Christianity by some of our institutions.

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05/04/2012 2:21

IRS Refunds Billions To Illegal Aliens

Another example of government waste and corruption

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05/04/2012 11:03

Best Superhero Movie of all Time?

If the New York Times didn't like it, it has to be good. Still, when I think Avengers I think of the sophisticated John Steed and the fantastic Diana Rigg as Emma Peel.

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05/04/2012 9:29

A Courageous Coach

He's a brave man. There have been calls for his firing.

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05/04/2012 8:46

Employment is stagnating.

People not in the labor market soar by 522,000

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05/04/2012 8:17

Did Society Really Need This?

Glad to see they weren't wasting time during, well, cancer research or something like that.

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