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12/04/2012 9:30

Best Bond Film - Casino Royale?

Lawrence Myers at Big Hollywood thinks so. (He makes a convincing case but I still favor Goldfinger. And I don't understand how he can give Octopussy only one star. It had a good plot, good actions scenes and a lovely Bond girl.)

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12/04/2012 11:54

Religion Courses Don't Mention Jesus

College Fixsays that it conducted a survey of 316 religious courses from 12 universities across the country and found that only three courses centered on the life and teachings of Christ. (What do they have against Jesus? He wasn't a white male.)

Those who conducted the study said that there are also notable differences in how Christianity is analyzed compared to other religions. They explained that words such as “understanding” are using for courses relating to Islam, but the phrase “critical analysis,” for example, is used in class outlines surrounding Christianity. (Of course. Our politically correct - and always inaccurate - academia.)

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12/04/2012 11:39

Torture Porn Era Officially Dead

Well, this is good news. A genre known for its gruesome depictions of death and punishment has met its own demise. (There were few mourners. But a large number of people were gleeful. There may be hope for the culture yet.)

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12/04/2012 9:59

Why Did So Few Nations Stand With Israel?

(Let's see...ah...would anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews have something to do with it?)

Washington and Ottawa are Israel’s staunchest supporters in the international arena, so the no votes from the US and Canada came as no surprise. But they were joined by Panama and the Czech Republic, as well as four countries most people would have difficulty finding on a map: the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru and Palau.

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12/04/2012 7:54

Our Celebrity Culture Is Dangerous

In his book, The Mirror Effect: How  Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America, Dr. Drew Pinsky -- former host of a VH1 television series about celebrities going through rehab -- lamented, "According to research by John Maltby and his colleagues, as the level of religious devotion decreases, the level of celebrity worship increases. The rich and famous are the most prominent, and exclusive, in-group we have. And the more we watch, and feel excluded from, such a desirable group, the more we're unconsciously motivated to mimic their behavior."  (This used to be called idolatry.)

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12/04/2012 7:49

That Pesky Second Amendment

Another thing Costas does here is to ignore three cultural matters that are less easily burbled about than his anti-"gun culture" kick, which of course safely targets White Republicans. Adam Carolla talks about this a lot -- it is a favorite posture of the liberal urban elite to discuss safe villains, White Republicans, who have nothing to do with the ills they're discussing, in order to avoid talking about things that aren't so easy to talk about. Things that actually do have something to do with the ill they're talking about.Costas will be praised for his guts-- but I notice he didn't discuss anything controversial... (such as) the broad Black Counterculture which is generally harmful to anyone who embraces it (and is unwillingly embraced by it) and, most of all, the sad and often violent state of the human condition. (Of course not, it's easier to pretend guns are the problem.)

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12/04/2012 7:27

Lotteries Hurt The Poor

In the wake of the $500 million-plus Powerball game, should someone point out that lotteries are a lousy way to raise money - To think that government partners with the gambling enterprise to fleece its citizens in such a manner is nothing less than unconscionable. It's especially reprehensible when one considers that most of the people who purchase lottery tickets are those who can least afford it.

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12/03/2012 2:55

Dying With A Bang Or A Whimper?

With a myriad of such fascinating and sometimes counter-intuitive arguments, How Civilizations Die explores the unconscious death wish that has infected most of Europe and, with different manifestations, the Islamic world. Goldman asks if America’s unique experiment in freedom can survive the coming collapse of the Western world, or if the election of Barack Obama, with all the socialist-leaning somnolence his administration has delivered, signaled an unstoppable suicidal spiral. (There's a question a lot of people are curious about.)

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12/03/2012 12:46

From Following Satan To Worshiping Jesus

Just a year ago, Victor Hugo Perez Vargas was a leader in Peru’s vast but secretive occult movement. His strange ability to curse people and cause accidents seemed to be increasing. He was being mentored by a well-known satanist master and he attended witchcraft conferences. But today you can find Victor sitting on the front row of a Pentecostal church in Tarapoto, Peru, with his wife, Deili. He loves to worship God with his hands raised, he frequently goes to the church altar for prayer and his face glows with a bright smile. “Jesus is my Lord today,” Victor says. “The power of the devil cannot be compared to the power of the true God.”  (People who don't believe in Jesus also dimiss tales of alleged occult power. But the occult is real and so is, thank goodness, Jesus who is alive and well and delivering people today.)

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12/03/2012 12:18

Obama Aides Don't Pay Their Taxes

IRS figures show that 36 of Obama's aides owe a total of more than $830,000 in back taxes. At the Environmental Protection Agency, 413 people owe more than $19 million. (Pass a law saying federal employees will be fired unless they pay their taxes. Gee, does the word 'hypocrisy" come to mine?)

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12/03/2012 11:41

Millions of Christians Are Facing Death, Persecution

Some 200 million Christians—two-thirds of the entire population of the United States—are now suffering oppression, even to the point of death, on account of their faith. Yet, if you ask the average person about it, they probably wouldn’t know anything about Christianity’s modern martyrdom, much less know where and why it’s occurring. (We know little about this because it's politically incorrect. And also because the elites in the West don't like Christianity and regard it not only as regressive but dangerous.)

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12/03/2012 11:05

Mao Is Turning Over In His Hellish Grave

Theologian says China will have the world's largest Christian population in twenty years. “There are two world phenomenons happening right now,” he added. “The first is that we can't recognize Christianity as a western religion anymore and the second is that countries with the fastest growing number of Christians don't have a Christian culture or traditions. (But Christianity is not a western religion. It's a universal faith.)

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