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01/04/2013 11:32

Leading Environmentalist Reverses Course - Embraces Science and Sanity

  British Environmentalist Mark Lynas was one of the loudest and most persuasive voices against genetically modified foods. Now he admits he was totally wrong.

   To vilify GMOs is to be as anti-science as climate-change deniers, he says. To feed a growing world population (with an exploding middle class demanding more and better-quality food), we must take advantage of all the technology available to us, including GMOs. To insist on “natural” agriculture and livestock is to doom people to starvation, and there’s no logical reason to prefer the old ways, either.

   A few Christians have reservations about GMOs too. They shouldn't. Genetics, like everything else in the world, is flawed. If we can improve foods to ease starvation, let's do it.

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01/04/2013 11:20

Learn How To Get God's Favor?

 The essay is good but the title is a bit wrong and awkward. As Christians we have God's favor. We're his children. We walk in the Blessing. Ken Copeland has a wonderful book on this. What we have to do is learn how to walk in the blessing and favor of the Lord, not try to obtain something we already have.

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01/03/2013 6:44

The Next Big World Event - And It's Positive

The world is emerging from poverty fast. This is the biggest under-reported news story in the world.

  By 1980 or 1990 about two billion human beings were out of poverty, since then another half billion have crossed the line out of poverty; a lot of them inIndia and china. In the last six years 20 million Brazilians have emerged. When you put all these numbers together…each year between fifty and one hundred million human beings are leaving poverty behind.

 If we can continue this trend within our lifetimes, and certainly within our children’s lifetimes, the overwhelming majority of human beings will no longer be poor.  This is the biggest thing that’s happened in the entire world.

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01/03/2013 5:01

Wondrous and Amazing

   Scientists now believe there are 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone.

     (Now when we get that warp drive thing, we'll have plenty of places to go.)

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01/03/2013 12:04

An Illinois Irony

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01/03/2013 11:50

The Continuing War Against Christianity

  A tourist company in Maryland has decided to end its wedding-related services in order to avoid lawsuits from homosexuals who believe that the business should be forced to accommodate same-sex “weddings.”

  ...A bed and breakfast in Vermont was also fined $10,000 last August and shelled out an additional $20,000 in settlement funds surrounding prospective same-sex civil union ceremonies held on their property. They have since stopped hosting weddings on their property altogether.

   (This is appalling. It's better than Nigeria where fanatics are killing Christians but it's still an example of government tyranny and oppression.)

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01/03/2013 11:42

Oops. Being Eco-Friendly Can Kill You

  Eco-Friendly light bulbs may put your health at risk. (So shouldn't the government ban them?)

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01/03/2013 9:15

Best Line of the Day

 You may have never wasted your time watching Current TV, which former vice president Al Gore owned. It's being sold to Al-Jazeera. Allahpundit had the best line about it - I really don’t like the idea of an extremist propaganda outlet that seeks the destruction of America airing on U.S. cable. Fortunately, sounds like Al Jazeera’s about to get rid of it.

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01/02/2013 10:38

How Corporate Tax Credits Got In the Cliff Bill

 Obama said he would change Washington. This is politics as usual. Or corruption as usual.

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01/02/2013 5:29

A Four-Footed Miracle

  A blind dog is being taken for walks by a guide cat. (In a fallen world, there is at times a story of wonder and sheer amazement.)

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01/02/2013 1:47

The Anti-Christian Age

 Americans understand why Mao’s atheist heirs who have lost their Marxist-Leninist faith and militants Islamists fear and detest the rival belief system of Christianity. But do they understand the animus that lies behind the assault on their faith here at home?  (If you don't, Pat Buchanan will explain it.)

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