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01/03/2013 9:15

Best Line of the Day

 You may have never wasted your time watching Current TV, which former vice president Al Gore owned. It's being sold to Al-Jazeera. Allahpundit had the best line about it - I really don’t like the idea of an extremist propaganda outlet that seeks the destruction of America airing on U.S. cable. Fortunately, sounds like Al Jazeera’s about to get rid of it.

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01/02/2013 10:38

How Corporate Tax Credits Got In the Cliff Bill

 Obama said he would change Washington. This is politics as usual. Or corruption as usual.

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01/02/2013 5:29

A Four-Footed Miracle

  A blind dog is being taken for walks by a guide cat. (In a fallen world, there is at times a story of wonder and sheer amazement.)

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01/02/2013 1:47

The Anti-Christian Age

 Americans understand why Mao’s atheist heirs who have lost their Marxist-Leninist faith and militants Islamists fear and detest the rival belief system of Christianity. But do they understand the animus that lies behind the assault on their faith here at home?  (If you don't, Pat Buchanan will explain it.)

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01/02/2013 8:41

Brink Of Chaos - Not a Prediction, A Book Title

      One of the enjoyments of reading an action/adventure plot by Christian authors is there is no confusion about good and evil. In secular novels and in most movies, there are only two safe villains nowadays – businessmen and Christians. Every other group is politically incorrect.  To many Hollywood people and contemporary authors,Americais  not a force for good.

      Not for Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall in their new thriller “Brink of Chaos.”

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01/02/2013 8:17

When "Diversity" Becomes a Code For Racism.

   This comes from a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's two nominees for the state Supreme Court.

  Yet the Legislature's black caucus, the state Latino Action Network, and a broad coalition of more than 50 groups, including teachers' unions and Planned Parenthood, are opposing Bauman and the other nominee, Robert Hanna, who is white, primarily because they would not make the court more diverse - and specifically, because they're not African American or Latino.

   (Isn't rejecting a nominee because he's white just as bigoted and racist as rejecting a nominee because he's black or Hispanic. That's not a question with a multiple choice answer. The correct answer is "Yes.")

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01/02/2013 8:05

Nation's Best Days are Over?

  Fifty percent of Americans think so, according to a new poll. And only 23 percent are satisfied with the direction of the country. (And who are those 23 percent of meatheads who think the nation is headed in the right direction?)

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01/01/2013 8:54

Try Singing Auld Lang Syne Instead

  In France, Muslims celebrate New Year's by burning 1,200 cars.  (But if you mention this, you are accused of Islamophobia)

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01/01/2013 4:55

Why Is Obama Helping the 1 Percent

  In the "Fiscal Cliff" deal, Hollywood gets a tax break. (Well, these rich people support Obama so...)

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01/01/2013 11:21

Maybe 2012 Wasn't All That Bad...For the World

Never has there been less hunger, less disease or more prosperity. The West remains in the economic doldrums, but most developing countries are charging ahead, and people are being lifted out of poverty at the fastest rate ever recorded.

In 1990, the UN announced Millennium Development Goals, the first of which was to halve the number of people in extreme poverty by 2015. It emerged this year that the target was met in 2008. Yet the achievement did not merit an official announcement, presumably because it was not achieved by any government scheme but by the pace of global capitalism

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12/31/2012 9:43

A Prophecy For 2013?

  "My hand is moving across your nation in a miraculous way..All shall be well because the well of salvation is going to be poured out fresh over your nation. I am causing places that have been dry to open up to My reign."

    This was part of a prophecy given by Ellen Fisher at the Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There are prophets today in the Body of Christ. Christians will have to decide whether this pronouncement is valid. I tend to think it is.)

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