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02/22/2013 5:54

Middle East Persecutions

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02/22/2013 2:07

Wonder If This Sport Will Catch On...

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02/22/2013 10:00

Coffee and the Second Amendment

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02/21/2013 3:46

The Amazing Story of Canadian Faytene Grasseschi

She is changing a nation.

As a missionary in Liberia, she was content to aid sick children mired in extreme poverty and face the occasional confrontation with a witch doctor. In fact, she was willing to serve in Africa the rest of her life. But only months later, her life was set on a new course when God called her to go to leaders of the free world as an ambassador of Christ.

Today, Grasseschi testifies that dealing with impoverished and unpredictable preteens with semi-automatic weapons in the backwoods of West Africa was less terrifying to her than dealing with first-world politicians, financiers and celebrities. But she had prayed for God to send her into places of spiritual darkness where He was lacking volunteers. Little did she know the answer to her prayer would take her from the pit of poverty to the societal pinnacles of Parliament and Hollywood.

(Well, those are definitely TWO places of spiritual darkness.)

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02/21/2013 12:34

Here's A Good Question

Why is the universe fined-tuned for intelligent life?

Dr. Guillermo Gonzales gives the answer.

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02/21/2013 7:23

Wave of the Future

 What can be termed "political correctness" is not just a political belief, it is a religion and has all the power of a religious belief. (Christianity is not a religion, it is a covenant between us and God.) But the secular PC religion is sweeping the world. A Swedish centrist party just suggested allowing polygamy and open borders. The two suggetions were slapped down but as Bruce Bawer notes....

Yes, the proposals for open borders and legalized polygamy have been nipped in the bud. But that’s not the point. The point is that a number of people in positions of power actually thought that this nonsense would fly in the first place. And at the rate things are going, unless history takes a major turn, it will fly in the not very distant future.

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02/20/2013 3:20

Has NBC News Declared War on Christians

Well, they do hate Christianity, not sure we're at war yet.

Why aren’t the writers at SNL churning out weekly skits about Islam – or the Prophet Mohammed? Where’s the mock movie trailer for “Jihad Undetonated?” Where’s the television show called “Good Muslim B****es?” Or the magazine essay about “The Myths of Mohammed?”

I suspect we all know the answer to why.

(Yes, we know the answer to that one. Writers are not about to make fun of Muslims because Muslims would slit their throats. Bullies are also cowards. NBC writers are not about to risk their safety.)


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