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01/05/2018 7:34

‘Economists Say’ A Lot Of Things. But They’re Mostly Wrong

There is also plenty of evidence that econ reporters at major publications have spent the past decade propping up economists who tell them what they want to hear. That is to say, propping up economists who obsess over “inequality” rather than economic growth, who worry about the future of labor unions or climate change or whatever policy liberals happen to be plying at the moment. There are plenty of economists out there making good, free-market arguments who will never be member of the “economists say” clique.

For eight years we were persistently hearing about how “economists say” everything Democrats were doing was great (even when hundreds disagreed). Unsurprisingly, “economists” were wrong about a lot. The rosy predictions set by President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers regarding the “stimulus” weren’t even close to what happened, nor were any other of their forecasts, for that matter.

In 2009, when Democrats ran everything, the administration predicted 4.6 percent growth by 2012. It turned out to be half that. The Congressional Budget Office’s predictions about Obamacare were even less accurate. Once these prophecies were no longer politically valuable — suddenly more art than science– we were offered counterfactuals: Without Obama’s bailouts, everything would have been much worse.

Perhaps the weakest recovery in American history could have been worse; perhaps not. There are thousands of unknowns that can’t be quantified or computed, including human nature. But after decades of using data to help us think about goods and services, jobs and consumption, and our choices, “economists say” is now used to coat liberal policy positions with a veneer of scientific certitude. And since Democrats began successfully aligning economics with social engineering, we’ve stopped seriously talking about the tradeoffs regulations bring.

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01/04/2018 8:22

'Trump Bonuses'?

The number of companies offering employee bonuses, pay hikes, and increases in benefits in reaction to President Trump’s December tax reform victory is now over 100, with thousands of workers impacted and charities too.

Less than a day after Americans for Tax Reform put out an initial list of 40, it jumped to 52 as more company plans poured in.

Here is the ATR's list. It includes the plans and comments by the firms:

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01/04/2018 2:50

And Who Would Have Guessed?

Study: Young male migrants fuel rise in violence in Germany  (Progressives say the study and science are racist and Islamophobic)

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01/04/2018 6:49

Federal Gov’t Employment Declines In First Trump Year

Well, even more good news. Now if federal govt. employment wlll decline two years in a row, even better.

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01/04/2018 6:32

Andrew Cuomo: New York exploring ways to circumvent GOP tax overhaul

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the state government would explore a “major” overhaul of its tax system to circumvent the cap on state and local tax deductions imposed by Republicans at the federal level.

“We must protect New York taxpayers from this assault,” said Cuomo at his state of the state address. Cuomo has proven to be the most vocal critic of the new $10,000 limit on the deductibility of state and local taxes.

(I'm so old I remember liberals yelling that not paying taxes was greedy and unpatriotic)

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01/04/2018 6:05

Explains a Lot About California

A recent study of adolescents in the state of California by researchers at UCLA found that an eyebrow-raising percentage now identify as "nongender conforming."

"We found that 27 percent of youths age 12 to 17 in California, or about 796,000, are GNC," the study stated.

The study grouped the kids into three definitions: "gender conforming," "androgynous," or "highly nongender conforming." They found that 20.8 percent were categorized as "androgynous," and an additional 6.2 percent as "highly nongender conforming."

This is a huge number that does not align with any prior studies, such as the 4.1 percent of the population of the country that Gallup found identify as LGBT -- and only a fraction of that 4.1 percent were "T."

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01/03/2018 5:11

Voters Show Massive Support for Trump Immigration Policies

A poll of likely 2018 voters shows two-to-one support for President Donald Trump’s pro-American immigration policies, and a lopsided four-to-one opposition against the cheap-labor, mass-immigration, economic policy pushed by bipartisan establishment-backed D.C. interest-groups.

The poll for NumbersUSA is another reminder to politicians that the business-funded ‘Nation of Immigrants” polls distract attention from voters’ private views, which were shockingly displayed on the evening of November 8, 2016.

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01/03/2018 10:33

Feminist Groups Embarrassingly Silent On Iran Protests

With all that worrying about rights being taken away from us, you’d think that a story about women who are actually facing systemic gender-based oppression would be an obvious rallying cry.


As conservative author Christina Sommers noted, “the silence of major feminist groups in the USA is deafening.”

...Considering the amount of outrage we’ve seen from these feminists over demands that taxpayers cover the costs of birth control pills (usually less than $20 a month), the fact they can’t even be bothered to tweet in support of Iranian women fighting true oppression speaks volumes about their priorities.

Maybe if that Iranian woman wanted to get an abortion without wearing a hijab, then they might be bothered to care?

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01/03/2018 8:20

the Truth About Illegal Allen Crime

At that same hearing Congressman Lamar Smith noted that although it has been estimated that illegal aliens account for about 3% of the U.S. population, they account for 30% of all murders -- making illegal aliens 10 times more likely to commit murder than anyone else.

 Adding that huge number of at-large criminal aliens to the huge number of criminal aliens who are incarcerated in prisons provides a measure of the true scope of the immigration crisis that can only be solved by ramping up efforts and resources to secure our nation’s borders and enforce our nation’s immigration laws from within the interior of the United States.

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01/03/2018 8:09

Mainstream media errors in the Trump era (Vol. 1)

These stories fell short of the most basic function of political journalism in that they failed to provide readers with a clear and indisputably accurate picture of what is really going on at the White House and Congress. These botched reports also further diminished the public's already dwindling trust in the press.

This isn't to say all coverage of the Trump administration was trash. Rather, it's to say an unusually large number of 2017 stories, tweets and headlines turned out either to be overhyped, inconclusive, misleading, half-true, or flat-out false.

Starting in order of most recent, here is our catalogue of the shoddiest political reporting beginning Jan. 20, 2017:

Dec. 26: Stop Making Fund of Me

The Claim: Republicans funded the Trump-Russia dossier.

The Source: CNN's Evan Perez.

The Facts: GOP donor Paul Singer contracted Fusion GPS via the Washington Free Beacon during the 2016 primaries to perform opposition research on Trump and the other Republican candidates. The research that was done for that specific project is ultimately unrelated to the so-called "Russia dossier."

the plaintiffs lacked standing. It's a small thing, and this isn't really a major mistake on the Times' part. That said, the reason this since-corrected misfire is so notable is because it stands as one of the extremely rare examples of a media misstep that favored Trump.

(Read the entire story)

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01/03/2018 7:55

MSM Seems, at Times, to be doing PR for Iran

The initial coverage of these historic protests—or in some cases, the lack of it—was scandalous. The New York Times’s Thomas Erdbrink, in particular, veered into revolting Walter Duranty territory. Looking back at the paper’s coverage of Iran, it’s unsurprising.

“For many years,” the reporter wrote only last month, “many Iranians were cynical about their leaders, but that is changing thanks to Trump and the Saudi crown prince.” Every unfiltered report from Iran told a different story.

Actually, thanks to Trump, the Times’ coverage swerved unconvincingly from “The protests are only small and and not worth your attention’” to “These protests are about economic woes and have nothing to do with political disputes and are not worth your attention” to the “Violence is the protesters’ fault because they won’t listen to the regime’s calls for calm.” All of this is particularly offputting when you consider how hard some in the media worked to make the Iran deal a reality.

The first inclination of many liberals was to demand Americans shut up about a movement that demands self-determination and liberalism. Why? Whenever Trump fails to weigh in on a world event, the Left accuses him of implicitly endorsing fascism. Yet when the administration offers a statement condemning the Iranian regime, a long-time committed terror-supporting adversary of the United States, the same folks who daily call out Russian authoritarianism advise the president to ignore those protesting for freedom.

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01/02/2018 4:07

I Give Trump the Credit

Although their goal was to cure diabetes, scientists may have stumbled onto a new medication to help treat the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to a press release from researchers at Lancaster University, a new drug being tested for diabetes patients was found to have “significantly reversed memory loss” in test subjects and is now being examined as possible treatment for neurodegenerative disorders.

The medication, known as a triple receptor drug — or “triple agonist” — reportedly works in multiple ways to protect the brain against degeneration and promote growth. Researchers say that a study of mice being given the drug found that the animals had an increased ability to learn and retain memories.

“These very promising outcomes demonstrate the efficacy of these novel multiple receptor drugs that originally were developed to treat type 2 diabetes,” Professor Christian Holscher said in the release.

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01/02/2018 8:22

Deep Freeze Ends a Dreadful 2017 for Climate Activists

It marks a frustrating end to a dreadful year for climate-change activists, who have been frozen out of the Trump Administration. After Trump’s election, environmentalists prophesied the end times, labeling the president and his advisors “anti-science” and bracing for catastrophe. Climate scientists and bureaucrats at scientific agencies reached out for counseling, seeking ways to cope with life under the Trump regime; many have resigned “in disgust.”

But for once, the climate crowd’s “dire” predictions came true. Our “Denier-in-Chief” wasted no time dismantling Obama’s climate change legacy by appointing climate skeptics to fill top cabinet posts, exiting the Paris Climate Accord, repealing the Clean Power Plan, scrubbing government websites of climate change references, and promoting American fossil-fuel use abroad. If this wasn’t bad enough for them, now the climate crowd is trying incoherently to explain to frigid Americans—who are muttering “global warming, my ass” under their double-wrapped scarves—how this frigid weather is actually caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

This mess of unscientific, emotional rants by the climate change crowd is typical of how it responds to any challenge to its dogma: Detractors are belittled, goal posts are moved, reversals on previous views are accepted without question. The scientifically-illiterate media plays along, rarely stopping to examine evidence or challenge glaring hypocrisies.

There is also a chance this cold snap portends a global cooling period that some scientists now predict. If that happens, we might all be huddled near the furnace, wondering why we ever feared global warming in the first place.

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01/02/2018 8:18

A year later, an investigation in search of a crime

Looking objectively at the year, the Trump team has lost little ground in any criminal defense. There have been four indictments or pleas. Paul Manafort and his deputy, Richard Gates, were indicted on 12 counts in what is called a "speaking indictment" - an indictment that discussed a variety of suspicious actions not actually charged. Those allegations could later be the subject of a superseding indictment but, conspicuously, did not include any reference to collusion or obstruction claims tied to Trump or his campaign. The guilty plea of George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, did tangentially touch on the campaign in discussing Russian contacts; however, the crime was false statements made to the FBI, not the crimes proclaimed to be clear and established throughout the year.

The plea of Michael Flynn also dealt with his false statements, not any crime committed by Trump. Of course, we are all waiting to see what Flynn offered to secure a relatively good deal from Mueller. However, the narrative filed with the court again omitted any nexus to the long-discussed crimes involving Trump. These are not the crimes that motivated the opening of the various federal and congressional investigations.

In other words, 2018 is starting not far from where 2017 began: an investigation in search of a crime.

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01/01/2018 9:00

Trump's 2017 Accomplishments - It's a Long List

  • Passage of the tax reform bill providing $5.5 billion in cuts and repealing the Obamacare mandate.

  • Increase of the GDP above 3 percent.

  • Creation of 1.7 million new jobs, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent.

  • Saw the Dow Jones reach record highs.

  • A rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.

  • A new executive order to boost apprenticeships.

  • A move to boost computer sciences in Education Department. 

  •  (And that's only a few. Read the whole list)

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01/01/2018 8:08

Sources: Chris Matthews Runs An Abusive Work Environment

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews runs an at times openly derisive and brazenly sexist news operation that has led at least some staffers to describe themselves as victims of “battered wives syndrome,” according to three of his show’s guests and two former producers who spoke exclusively to The Daily Caller.

Two former NBC producers independently alleged Matthews would rate the looks of his female guests on a scale and said Matthews was so abusive that staff joked about being battered women. The interviews in total paint Matthews as a tyrant liable to fly off the handle at the slightest mistake, who was eager to objectify women and made inappropriate sexual comments appear to be a matter of course for someone in his position.

Both former NBC producers requested anonymity out of concern for their future careers. One is actively seeking a job in media and the other still works closely with MSNBC. One expressed fears about being labeled a “troublemaker” and cited the string of former Fox News women who have all but disappeared 

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01/01/2018 8:03

In the new year, worry-free California has a lot to worry about

Propped up by media idolatry, California is moving from denial to delusion. Case in point: A recent AP story claimed that the state “flush with cash from an expanding economy” would consider spending an additional billion dollars on health care for the undocumented, as well as a raft of new subsidies for housing and the working poor.

All this wishful thinking and noble intentions ignores a slowing state economy, and a structural deficit, keyed largely to state worker pensions, that may now be headed towards a trillion dollars. Perhaps the widely celebrated, although poorly distributed “good times” of the past few years, have clouded Sacramento’s judgement.

Jerry Brown, repeatedly lionized in the national press, finally leaves office after next year, he will likely leave his successor both a totally out of control legislature and looming fiscal crisis. Brown’s replacement will also have to deal with a state that, according to the Social Science Research Council, suffers the greatest income inequality in the nation and the third worst economic environment for middle class families. Worse yet — upwards of one-third of the state population subsists near or in poverty.

(Give it five years and California will look like Venezuela) 

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12/30/2017 10:03

The People's Republic of California

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12/30/2017 9:54

Echos of the 20th Century

Former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch claims that Jews are increasingly under threat in public and may require police protection to lead a normal life without harassment and violence.

Ms Knobloch, who is now the President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, said that Jews are increasingly under threat, Die Welt reports.

“Aggressive anti-Semitism, from verbal hostility on the Internet and in the analogue world to desecration and destruction to physical attacks are commonplace in Germany,” she said.

“Jewish life can only take place in public under police protection and the strictest security precautions, or it must be completely cancelled for security reasons,” Knobloch added.

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12/30/2017 9:46

Safe Zones Didn't Work Last Year

Germans who plan to welcome in the new year in Berlin will do so with “safe zones” intended to protect women from sexual assault.

New Year’s Eve parties two years ago in Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and other cities were marred by a slew of sexual assaults perpetrated by migrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa. German authorities seeking to avoid a repeat of the mayhem will staff Sunday night’s Brandenburg Gate party with Red Cross social workers and psychologists at a designated “security point.”

Assaulted women and those fleeing harassment can find refuge inside a “safety zone” at any time during the proceedings, BBC reported Friday.

Police documents leaked in July 2016 showed the number of sexual assaults across Germany on New Year’s Eve were much higher than initially reported.

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