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05/15/2017 6:44


Here’s a little test. It’s been about six months since Trump treated The Smartest Most Accomplished Woman In The World like a NordicTrack treats Harry Reid, and does anyone know even one person who has said, “You know, I voted for Trump, but now after Neil Gorsuch, General Mattis and H.R. McMaster, I really wish I had checked the box for Felonia von Pantsuit?

I’m not talking about alt-right weirdos – they don’t count. I mean literally, unless they remove their off-brand Nike knock-offs. I mean normal people. Who voted for Trump and now says something remotely like this?

Yeah, I really regret not letting Hillary pick a SCOTUS judge who thinks the Constitution bans guns but mandates taxpayer-subsidized transsexual abortions!

Wow, that 70% drop in illegal alien entries into America and all those deportations of MS-13 guys are depriving the country of valuable, productive future Democrat voters!

Gosh, I hate so much how Trump has paid attention to that sliver of our country lying between I-5 and I-95!

It was Ashley Judd’s v-cap slam poetry, combined with Bill Nye’s sex confusion clip, that convinced me what America needs is liberals back in power!

No one.

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05/14/2017 1:51

The Reason ESPN Is Losing viewers and money

Saturday Edition of ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter’ Sponsored by MSNBC

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05/14/2017 9:37

And In]Beer News

A man promised free beer for life by his landlord when he reached the age of 100 is toasting his longevity.

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05/14/2017 9:33

More Media Hysterics

Really, this is ridiculous. A hysterical Democrat press echoes hysterical Democrats making them even more hysterical. They compare Donald Trump's firing of Jim Comey to when Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox in an attempt to cover up the Watergate scandal. But there are two big differences. One, there's no scandal — and two, if there were, there'd be no trustworthy press to report it.

After eight years of lying belly up like a panting puppy while Barack Obama abused the IRS, corrupted the Justice Department, and mishandled the Middle East, journalists with zero credibility wonder why no one takes their breathless Trump madness seriously.

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05/14/2017 9:19

A Childless Europe....

Emmanuel Macron founded a new party, and his election as France's president is said to herald the "revival of Europe." Interestingly, Macron has no children.

This is not that notable in itself. After all, George Washington had no biological children. But across the continent Macron wants to bind closer together, there's a stark pattern:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also has no children. British prime minister Theresa May has no children. Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children. Holland's Mark Rutte has no children. Sweden's Stefan Löfven has no biological children. Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel has no children. Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon has no children. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

This is too remarkable to ignore. While Macron is young—39 years old—the rest of Europe is being governed by childless Baby Boomers

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05/14/2017 7:43

Rocket Trump

Students from Christian school name their rocket "Trump" and go to D.C. for competition. Guess who notices?

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05/13/2017 3:56

Critics said terrible things would happen if Trump were Elected

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05/13/2017 3:48

Good News

Study: 89% of colleges reported zero campus rapes in 2015. (Progressives and the media pushed a narrative of a "rape culture" on campuses. The truth will not put such "fake news" stories to rest though.  But this truth is good news.)

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05/13/2017 8:07

Crime Update of the Week

Parolee mistakenly texted parole office to set up drug deal

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05/13/2017 7:42

It Figures

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05/13/2017 7:27

Public Doesn't Share Media Hysteria

On many issues, the media may be freaking out but the public is yawning. Which indicates the intelligence and maturity of the public.

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05/13/2017 7:14

Trump Derangement Syndrome

High school takes back yearbooks with 'Build that wall,  (Schools and colleges nowadays just seem to have a problem with free speech.)

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05/12/2017 2:50

Another Needless Crime

Police say the Lakes were hit by an alleged drunk driver – a man identified as a Mexican national – a man living in our country illegally. Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells Fox 5 in San Diego the suspect had been deported 15 times over the past 15 years.

Constantino Banda-Acosta is accused of slamming his pickup truck into the passenger’s side of the Lake family’s Honda Accord. And then, he fled the scene.

Benjamin and Ingrid Lake suffered minor injuries, but Lennox was gravely injured. He was bleeding from his nostrils and his ears

(Should  ask Calif. if this illegal alien was shielded in their sanctuary cities? If those idiots in Congress want something to be indignant about?

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05/12/2017 7:57

About that Church-State Thing

With the goal of creating a “safe space” in mind, a Detroit school has set out to hold a girls-only prom to celebrate traditional Muslim customs. It’s being created for girls who would otherwise be prohibited by their ultraconservative Muslim families from going to regular proms.  If this was a prom for girls to celebrate traditional Christian customs, the ACLU would be foaming at the mouth.

(Actually, such an event might undercut the strict Muslims regulations regarding women. It such things can secularize Muslims, it's probably not a bad idea.)

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05/12/2017 7:45

Great Story

National Review's Byron York is one of the view reporters actually doing good journalism in Washington. Here's a very good story on Sens. Grassley, Feinstein and whether the president is a "target" of the Russia investigation.

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05/12/2017 7:21

An Even Dozen

12 times Dems, Repubs said no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion; 10 times people claimed there was. (Sharyl Attkisson proves again she's an excellent reporter and one too honest for CBS, and the for entire MSM for that matter)

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05/12/2017 7:09

Hystericall Over Comey

Fact is, we’ve had (at least) two norm-busting presidents with authoritarian impulses in a row. Both believe in ruling with a pen and a personality, disregarding process whenever it suits their political purposes. One was a thoughtful-sounding, charismatic force, and a talented fibber; a virtuoso at erecting strawmen and offering false choices. He pushed his party farther to the Left than it has ever been. The other is a clumsy and transparent fibber, an incompetent novice, pushing his party into whatever ideologically untethered position is catching his fancy at the moment. Only one of these men, however, was given a free pass by most people in the institutional media because his progressive ideological outlook pleases their sensibilities.

You don’t trust Donald Trump to name an FBI director, even though it’s within his purview to do so? Well, I don’t trust Barack Obama to enter into faux treaties with a bunch of nations without Senate approval or to unilaterally legalize millions of people without Congress. I understand that you find those unilateral decisions morally comforting, but if process and norms matter they should always matter. (An example of the opposite would be an ACLU lawyer who argues that Trump’s immigration order might have been constitutional had Hillary signed it. This undermines trust.)

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05/11/2017 1:06

More College Nazism

Fresno State Prof: ‘college campuses are not free speech areas’ (The story doesn't say what the professor is teaching. Hope it's not Constitutional Law.)

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05/11/2017 11:14

Another Media Mistake

Acting FBI Director REFUTES Reports that Comey Asked for More Funding for Russia Investigation (VIDEO)

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05/11/2017 7:48

Just Another Moderate Muslim

Spanish authorities have arrested a Muslim cleric — whom the New York Times once praised for his efforts to fight radicalization within Germany's Islamic community — for alleged ties to the Islamic State.

And by the way...Several months after the New York Times published its hagiography of Shashaa, he was arrested for physically assaulting his third wife, who was hospitalized with a broken nose and shoulder. "The attack was obviously very brutal," a hospital spokesperson said at the time. "What a man does with his wife does not concern the authorities," Shashaa said.

(But progressives and feminists don't care if woman is beaten long as Muslim does it)

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