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04/17/2017 6:59

Another Sad Weekend

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04/17/2017 6:49

We Should All Be Reminded....

Syrians Continue to Die Because Barack Obama Lied

In 2012, “receding war” would become an Obama re-election campaign theme. He frequently touted the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq as an accomplishment—insinuating he had corrected Bush’s lie.

His second inaugural, delivered in January 2013, echoed the claim of diminishing warfare: “A decade of war is now ending.”

Then 2014 arrived. The Islamic State left its western Syria base camps and attacked northern Iraq, seizing Mosul. A flabbergasted Obama formed a coalition to fight the Islamic State. Ultimately U.S. combat troops returned to Iraq, boots on the ground—something Obama said would never happen.

Obama lied. American combat boots and Iraqi ground collide.

Say it again. Obama lied. People died. Include murders committed by the Islamic State in Iraq among Obama’s dead. Obama left a power vacuum in Iraq. Yazidi women were raped. No, it doesn’t rhyme, but it’s more accurate than Bush lied.

Say it again. Obama lied. The battle for Mosul continues so people continue to die

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04/14/2017 7:53

Trump’s MOAB Drop Triggered a Tweet You Need to Read

Excessive American caution has cost American lives and American limbs, and it has left families and friends of the victims with deep psychological wounds. Those wounds would be grievous enough in the best circumstances, but they’re compounded by the fact that many of the decisions not to shoot, not to use artillery, or not to drop bombs were based on a combination of rules of engagement and military misjudgments that were transparently foolish at the time.

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04/14/2017 6:50

Chalk Up a Win for Trump

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04/14/2017 6:47

Don't Criticize a Bomb For Being Too Effective

Criticizing a bomb for being too lethal is like criticizing a cherry fritter for being too delicious.

The lefties were fine when Obama was droning Yemeni wedding receptions and US military deaths in Afghanistan quadrupled over the Bush years. But now that President Trump is C-in-C, fighting terrorism is a cruel thing.

The main problem critics have with the MOAB is that it’s a Republican bomb. It was designed under George W. Bush and first used by Donald Trump. SEAL Team Six shooting up Osama’s compound made progressives feel butch, but ordnance that kills exponentially more terrorists is vulgar.

What the left wants is a kinder, gentler bomb, dropped by a thoughtful, sensitive President. A weapon with a streamlined design that looks good staged in a loft between an Eames chair and a midcentury modern liquor cabinet handmade with reclaimed lumber. An explosive that would be dropped ironically as a Wes Anderson soundtrack plays in the background. A bomb that will shower hashtags, emojis, and social justice across Balochistan.

The US military exists to kill people and break things. And if America is ever going to defeat ISIS, the Twitter hipsters shouldn’t complain that they’re doing their job too well.

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04/13/2017 8:50

Now Robots are Racist

Critics say AI programs exhibit racial and gender biases. (No, this is not a story from the Onion)

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04/13/2017 11:05

More Cheers For Trump

President Trump signed a bill Thursday freeing states to withhold federal family planning grant money from Planned Parenthood, marking the first major pro-life legislation to be signed into law in more than a decade.

The bill unravels an Obama-era regulation that insisted states couldn’t refuse to spend family planning money with Planned Parenthood or any other organization that performs abortions.

“This is a major pro-life victory,” said House Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

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04/13/2017 7:43

Typical of Leftists

Democrats Side With Union Bosses Over Veterans In VA Accountability Fight. 

Even so, the bill is just a tiny step toward improving this dangerously dysfunctional agency, which three years ago was embroiled in a scandal over excessively long wait times for veterans seeking health care and efforts by executives to cook the books to hide them. The VA has been impervious to reform largely because its workers know that it is almost impossible to fire anyone.

But when the accountability measure reached the House floor, just 10 Democrats voted for it. And now, Democrats are threatening to block a similar bill in the Senate.


The reason is simple. More than three quarters of the VA workforce is unionized, and public employee unions don't want this bill to pass. The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents nearly a quarter million VA workers, called it "a union-busting bill, plain and simple."

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04/13/2017 7:21

Good. Speed it up.

Trump Team Moves Closer to Gutting some Federal Agencies


Under a series of executive actions Trump has signed, agencies must develop plans by the end of June to maximize employee performance. By the end of the following quarter, agencies have to submit plans describing how they intend to reform their operations.

And at a higher level, Mulvaney's office will map out how to restructure the executive branch so that it's directed by its functions. As an example, he cited 43 workforce training programs across 13 agencies that could be centralized. He added that multiple offices across multiple agencies handle trade, and pressed that it should be more centralized, as well.

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04/13/2017 6:58

Approval is Up

Rasmussen has Trump at 47% approval rate. Gallup has him up 7% from last week. Wonder if the media will notice after they emphasized he was at a low of 34%. Oh, of course not.

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04/12/2017 6:44

Turns Out Obama was the Real Russian Stooge

The circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the US government at the highest levels.

How else to explain a newly elected president looking the other way after an act of Russian aggression? Agreeing to a farcically one-sided nuclear deal? Mercilessly mocking the idea that Russia represents our foremost geo-political foe?

Accommodating the illicit nuclear ambitions of a Russian ally? Welcoming a Russian foothold in the Middle East? Refusing to provide arms to a sovereign country invaded by Russia? Diminishing our defenses and pursuing a Moscow-friendly policy of hostility to fossil fuels?

All of these items, of course, refer to things said or done by President Barack Obama.

(Doubt he's being investigated though)

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04/11/2017 6:53

Typical Day in 21st Century

Last week was a fairly typical one in 21st century headlines:

~On Monday, 14 victims were killed in an Islamic terrorist attack on the St Petersburg Metro;

~On Friday, four victims were killed in an Islamic terrorist attack by a homicidal truck driver on Queen Street in Stockholm;

~On Palm Sunday, at least 45 victims were killed in an Islamic terrorist attack on two Coptic churches in Egypt.

In other news, the United States bombed Syria after a chemical-weapons attack, and UK, Canadian and other newspapers reported on the treatment a Berlin schoolboy received after revealing to his Muslim classmates that he's Jewish. Meanwhile, Giulio Meotti wrote for the Gatestone Institute on the closure of 500 churches in London, and the opening of 423 mosques.

The US bombing raid got the most headlines - because, after eight years of Obama, it was unusual. It's also the simplest, cleanest act: Identify a military target and fire missiles at it. What do you do about the others? In column inches (or whatever unit of measure now applies), the attention they commanded followed the cynical formula of old-time editors: One dead American equals ten dead Europeans equals one hundred dead Russians equals one thousand dead Africans.

And so it proved. Nevertheless, the Palm Sunday bombings were the most significant event of the week. They demonstrate that hardcore Islam is serious about expunging the remnants of Christianity from the region in which it was born. This is not a small thing.

It was a clever attack. The first suicide bomber hit St George's Church in Tanta. The second struck northwest, at St Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria, seat of the Coptic papacy. Pope Tawadros II had just left the cathedral after hearing about the Tanta attack. Nevertheless, ISIS and its affiliates came within minutes of killing the Coptic pontiff - at worship on Palm Sunday.

As I said, not a small thing. But it doesn't seem to make a lot of news

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04/11/2017 4:09

EPA Alcoholism Rising Because of Trump

EPA lifers are “in the dumps” about life at the agency under President Trump. The level of anxiety is so high that alcoholism may be on the rise among climate-alarmist lifers, according to one staffer quoted in The Washington Post. If that is true, that’s very good news, because it means the EPA will be getting back to its original — and largely accomplished mission — of cleaning up America’s air, land, and water.

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04/11/2017 11:16

Not Surprising But Darn Interesting

Meet the liberal press — a mainstream media cabal with deep ties to the Democratic Party. (Story shows we have a Media-Democratic Complex)

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04/11/2017 7:04

Even More Academic Stupidity

Asking people to show up on time is not inclusive, says Clemson employee training.  (Another way political correctness is crippling academia.)

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04/10/2017 7:58

Don't They Pay Attention to Current Events?

Officials at Claremont McKenna College  said they were unprepared for the violence directed against a conservative speaker. (Really. They're not aware American campuses are under attack by thugs and goons? Haven't they been paying attention to the news?)

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04/10/2017 1:15

Well, This is Good News

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