June 2017

The Late, Great Collusion Myth

Hillary Clinton lost the election largely for three reasons, none of them having anything to do with Russia, and all within her power to have rectified.

1) Clinton was a poor candidate: prone to offensive outbursts, appearing haughty and curt, mired in a variety of email server and Clinton Foundation scandals, whose voice, mannerisms, and attitude turned off precisely those middle-class voters critical to her candidacy;

2) Strategically, Clinton ran an incompetent campaign, turning over its direction to an inexperienced amateur and thirtysomething Robby Mook, who wasted resources by strangely believing that it was more important to run up a mandate by flipping solidly red states than first ensuring that her “blue wall” was secure;

3) Clinton never offered a political message other than the novelty of becoming the first female president. She failed to appreciate that Obama’s progressivism had grown unpopular, while his transient 2016 personal popularity and past Electoral College success were not transferrable to a white 69-year-old multimillionaire like herself—even as the downside of his negatives and his unpopular agenda certainly were.

Feminists Vs. Reality

On what grounds feminists feel it is appropriate to draw comparisons between modern America, the freest and fairest society for our sex to exist in history, and Gilead, all because a healthcare bill will affect access to and funding of Planned Parenthood, is a mystery. The only way Americans will ever experience any taste of Gilead is if feminists continue attempting to convince people that unthinkable fate is imminent. The American patriarchal dystopia is a delusion entirely of their own fabrication.

Look no further than feminist misinformation on the wage gap and sexual assault statistics for evidence that their portrayal of modern life does not reflect the world in which women live. This is what I refer to as feminist fearmongering, a strategy Hillary Clinton has embraced eagerly in recent months. On Tuesday, for example, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson claimed the Senate's healthcare bill "would be the worst bill for women in generations and decimate women's healthcare."

In fact, it's sad to say the defining characteristic of contemporary feminism is its commitment to promoting victimhood narratives, to persuading young women that our society is not free for and not fair to our sex, rather than celebrating our advancements. Planned Parenthood's laughably outrageous Handmaid's Tale protest is a symptom of this disease.

It is somewhat ironic that the only Americans living in Gilead are the feminists who willfully drape themselves in the cumbersome red robes and white hats, marching further away from reality and closer to their own distorted perception of it.

You Know It's the 21st Century...

Bionic bartenders are deployed at a Las Vegas Strip bar

The Obamacare Enrollment LIe

Because opponents of changes to the failing Obamacare system are using the fairy tale assumptions of the Congressional Budget Office to contend that millions will be left without health insurance coverage next year, when in fact as many as one million more will likely have insurance.

Incredibly, the CBO even goes so far as to guess that seven million people will flee the Obamacare exchange if they are not compelled to use it through the threat of a punitive tax for not having health insurance.

What We Needed A VA Reform Bill

Last Friday, President Donald Trump signed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017. This bill empowers VA Secretary David Shulkin to fire bad employees. Americans are familiar with some of the horrible wait list scandals, but they may not know the stories of "Candy Land," porn on the job, "ghost panels," or many others.

Here are no fewer than 17 scandals at the VA between 2014 and 2017. A special thanks to Concerned Veterans for America, which helped PJ Media compile this list.

Left Espouses Dangerously Stupid Health-Care Rhetoric

By the Democrats’ logic, Barack Obama killed people. After all, some people lost health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act. Heck, life expectancy went down for the first time in decades after Obamacare went into effect. Is Obama a murderer? Of course not. Put aside the hypocrisy and danger implicit in saying elected leaders are murderers if they dare pare back the welfare state. Taken literally, such rhetoric means that entitlement reform is impossible, because any attempt to get our fiscal house in order would require some people, somewhere, to lose some benefits.

When the Violence of the Left Goes Wild

Now that the Left has lost, and keeps losing, another dynamic is taking over. It’s not one of surfing History into the future, but of lashing out at phantom threats under the delusion that it’s self-defense. It’s logical within the Gnostic framework: “I do violence to defend myself against the oppression of the current system and its supporters.” The obvious example of this is the recent shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. But consider some other high-profile examples...

In each of these examples, the author or speaker has lost touch with basic human decency, caught up in a psycho-spiritual drama where the world is imprisoned by dark forces operating through entities, including people, deserving of destruction. Why? Because the salvation of humanity requires it.

the Supreme Court provides adult supervision for lower courts gone wild

Adult supervision: that's what the Supreme Court provided for a federal judiciary, or part thereof, run amok, when it issued its unanimous opinion overturning the preliminary injunctions of President Donald Trump's executive order banning entry of persons from six countries — the so-called travel ban. The court's unsigned per curiam opinion brushes aside, with virtually no comment, the argument of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals that the executive order violated the Constitution's bar of an establishment of religion and the assertion of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that its judgment on national security was better than the president's.

The court did provide a glimmer of support to these lower courts by retaining the injunctions against barring the specific plaintiffs in each case and to other "foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States," but rather tartly added that "a nonprofit group devoted to immigration issues may not contact foreign nationals from the designated countries, add them to client lists, and then secure their entry by claiming injury from their exclusion."

There was nothing in the court's unanimous opinion about inferring the president's motivation, as the Fourth Circuit did, by analyzing his statements along the campaign trail. "The Government's interest in enforcing §2(c) [the executive order], and the Executive's authority to do so are undoubtedly at their peak when there is no tie between the foreign national and the United States," it wrote. "To prevent the Government from pursuing that objective by enforcing §2(c) against foreign nationals unconnected to the United States would appreciably injure its interests, without alleviating obvious hardship to anyone else." That's a solid rebuke to the preposterous notion that foreign nationals somehow have a constitutional right to enter the United States.

But their actions — the injunctions they issued and the Trump administration obeyed — have been almost entirely overturned by a court whose members are obviously taking their responsibilities seriously. Adult supervision indeed.

Voters Support Barring Welfiare To Immigrants

I am Shocked, Shocked

CNN producer: Trump 'probably right' about Russian 'witch hunt'  (Probably right about a few other things too)