March 2017

Marvel Comics Sale Drops By Half. Yes, Blame SJWs

 More than that, when you turn children’s adventure fiction into adult message browbeating, you lose any semblance of fun that a product formerly had. It’s no wonder that sales have dropped by about half, when they have an entire writing core of every single one of their monthly writers hell-bent on a crusade of alienating half of the country in some social engineering through comics.  I don’t exaggerate my numbers either, and I did some leg work for you all so you might better make educated purchases, or lack thereof, of Marvel Comics.

Just looking on the comics rack, you can see where Marvel has decided to make a foolish stand. No sane person would go and buy these comics anymore, there’s nothing of value there. All they have left is legacy purchasers who have made such a habit of picking them up that they can’t drop it. Even those have been dwindling because Marvel’s taken their political nonsense to more of an extreme than Tor Books or Hollywood itself. Stories themselves don’t exist in a vacuum, however, it stems from their editorial and who they hire to write, which are no longer the brightest creative minds, but SJWs who yell the loudest and who purposefully virtue signal at every turn.

(ESPN went full SJW and has lost millions in revenue and viewers. Marvel has become the ESPN of the comic world)

Every Night Entertainment

Tucker Carlson’s evisceration of a lefty prof is more than entertaining

A counter-narrative is building to the MSM’s constant Trump-hating.  It is not that Trump is driven by hate ("Love Trumps Hate"), rather it is the left that is driven by hate – for America, especially the Trump-voting, America-loving, war-fighting parts of it.  The mainstream media is so widely mistrusted that there is plenty of room for counter-narratives to flourish.

Last night, Tucker Carlson made an important contribution to the counter-narrative, as he demonstrated his mastery of blood sport interviewing, allowing leftist fools to flaunt their folly and then hanging them with their own words.

This Will be Good for America

Middlebury Riot Boosts Charles Murray's Book Sales.  (Talk about irony.)

Typical of Leftists

During ‘Censorship Awareness Week,’ Wellesley College Professors Call for More Censorship.  (As always, irony is lost on progressives.)

The Biggest Sports/TV Story of Decade

ESPN Has Seen the Future of TV and They’re Not Really Into It. (Executives wanted to become the sports MSNBC and now they're paying the price)

The Compassion of the Left

Calif. Justice

Even the L.A. Times thinks "Felony charges are a disturbing overreach for the duo behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos"

Polls are Flexible

Rasmussen has Trump's approval rating at 44%. RCP average is 42% CBS 40% Gallup 36%. So which poll will get all the media coverage...Yes, you're right.

California Drought and Climage Change

The correct answer is that the multi-year drought started and ended the way they always have, cyclically and naturally.

Humans can no more control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity than the can the Earth’s orbit or solar activity itself.

This extend well beyond California by the way -- it's actually a national problem.

On Nov. 12, 2009, Gore told the Tonight Show the earth was several million degrees two kilometers below the surface. He was only about 100% off which is as close as most of his predictions. Normally when someone is that far off they are not considered an expert.

The reason Gore and others won’t debate is because they use a computer model instead of facts to support their theory.

I blame the media for the indoctrination and fear mongering because they never ask questions. They call it settled science.  

More Academic Malpractice

Here’s (some of the)  epic email suspended Christian sent his Muslim professor to challenge her flawed lessons


I think it’s great to be a theological apologist but not in a secular setting — I don’t know whether this was just a mistake or not so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. In order to stop a textual embarrassment in the Quran from coming to light in class you proceeded to ignore the facts when I asked a pertinent question about Mohammed. He had an adopted son which divorced his wife so he could marry him and although you finally admitted it was twisted, it took until I looked up the verse that you believed me.


Your bias is blatantly evident in your misinformation about the historical Jesus and moreover manifested in the lack of discussion about Wellhausen’s documentary hypothesis (with you taking the theological position that Moses wrote the first five books of the Torah). No one takes either position that you gave in the archaeological or secular biblical fields.


Also your brainwashing session about sharia law at the United States of Rollins ignores what the vast majority of people in countries like Egypt and Iraq really believe in regards to misogyny, homophobia or religious freedom.