February 2017

Illegal immigration dropped 27 percent in January

Illegal immigration across the southwest border plummeted in January, compared to December, as the flow of both illegal immigrant families and children traveling alone dried up, according to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection on Monday.

The numbers are still high compared to past years — indeed, it’s the worst January in records dating back to 2012.

But total apprehensions of migrants trying to sneak across the border fell 27 percent on a month-to-month basis, to 31,575. And the number of inadmissible migrants who showed up at the southwest’s ports of entry fell 28 percent, to 10,899.

Why Bother?

German secret service spied on journalists at the BBC, The New York Times and Reuters for more than a decade. (Which merely shows spy agencies, like every other bureacracy, can at times make the dumbest decisions)

It's Morning in America

But at the same time, there are signs of optimism — not for Trump's political fortunes but for the country. If the Journal numbers are correct, more Americans say they are hopeful and optimistic about the future than have said so in several years. And, at least specifically where the economy is concerned, many attribute their optimism to the presence of Trump in the Oval Office.

The Journal-NBC pollsters asked 1,000 adults, "When you think about the future of the country, would you say that you are mainly hopeful and optimistic or mainly worried and pessimistic?" Sixty percent said they feel hopeful and optimistic, while 40 percent said they feel worried and pessimistic. That hopeful number is higher than when the Journal last asked the question in December 2016 (when it was 56 percent), and in August 2016 (54 percent), and September 2005 (53 percent).

The Democrats who don’t dare face voters at town halls

They have to toss red meat at their vicious, violent lefty wacko supporters but that's risky because they will alienate voters in a red state.

Media Still Ignoring Genocide

Women With Guns Next Theat to Democrats

There is a lesson within a lesson here. As Democrats continue to make gun control a wedge issue in elections, they underestimate the damage they are doing to their own chances among women, who have been flocking to buy guns in the past few years.

These same voters, whom the NRA calls the "shy voters," also flocked to Donald Trump, and they are unlikely to reverse course before next year's midterm elections. So as wedge issues go, this one is becoming more of a loser for the Left.

They also were a little more educated than average voters — 24 percent had a post-graduate degree — and, while right-of-center, they're not as conservative as the rest of Trump's voters.

A very important nugget from the poll: Like every woman interviewed at the outdoor show, an overwhelming 80 percent of them support the goals and objectives of the NRA.

So they represent a large chunk of white, suburban, conservative, pro-Second Amendment women who didn't particularly like Trump but couldn't vote for Clinton. They kept their opinions to themselves at dinner parties and pulled the lever for Trump in the voting booth.


It's About Time