August 2016

Seems Rather Fascist

The Pro-Mosquito Vote

Our Corrupt Criminal Govt.

The Obama administration has quietly funneled millions (and potentially billions) of dollars to leftist organizations and politicians that promote liberal policies and win political elections at the entry-level of government.   (In private enterprise, this is known as a shakedown.)

Does Bernie Know About This?

Treasury Publishes White Paper Defending Brazen Tax Avoidance by Apple, Other U.S. Multinational corporations.  (Well, Apple Owners do contribute to Democrats)

CautionL Men Not At Work

Eberstadt, who is highly respected on both sides of the political spectrum for his rigorous use of data, notes a number of shocking statistics that belie the current wisdom of a booming jobs market. To wit:

The Answer Appears to be Yes

Areas of Calais a 'No-go' Zone