April 2016

This will get the attention of Big Business

Target Stocks Sink by $2.5 Billion in 10 Days as over 1 Million Americans pledge to Boycott them

As a SF reader this is Interesting

Universe Likely Has Many Extinct Civilizations: Study


They Will Thought Because they're Democratic Scribblers

He Is Breaking Records

The Lawless, Criminal Left

Thugs advocating the mass lawless invasion of the United States attempted to shut down a rally of those who demand the law be enforced.  That is the true nature of what happened last night in Costa Mesa, California, in Orange County. But a quick scan of media headlines about the event makes it clear that the media is doing its best to obscure the nature of the aggression, and portray the incident as the inevitable outcome of Trump’s vicious message of intolerance. 

The Politics of Symbolism

Bruce Thornton reminds us why we should be learning about Western Civilization and praising it.

So Why Doesn't Sanders Jump on This

In a story about former Sen. Tom Coburn, the Washington Examiner notes "The GAO recently released its annual report, finding the federal government could save hundreds of billions of dollars just by consolidating duplicative programs.   (So why hasn't Sen. Bernie Sanders and every other senator jumped on this and rushed to save hundreds of billions of dollars? Surely some of those savings could be used to fund programs for the poor. So are they really interested in the poor or just in decrying the rich)

Call it the Liberal Hypocrisy Theme Park