March 2016

An End Tmes Miracle

Descendant of Muhammad: Jesus Brought Me Back to Life After Being Stabbed Nearly to Death.  (I realized some secularists say all faiths are the same but Christianity is exclusive in that bringing back to life thing.)

Austria Closes Borders To Almost All Asylum Seekers

Cult of Ignorance Alert

  Stanford Activists Demand Its Next President Be Nonwhite and Female or Transgender ( Ability to read is optional for the post. But that's optional for most college administrators nowadays.)

Edging Closer to 1984

Cops Wreck Man’s Home Over Anti-Islam Post… But He Has Epic Surprise for Them.  (And should.  Leftists are opposed to free speech and the First Amendment. The rest of us should learn from this example)

Could We End Up Like Yugoslavia?

America, possessing the global reserve currency, has a margin for fiscal error enjoyed by no other country, but at some point the game of borrowing vast amounts of foreign money to fund our government will end, and end badly. The U.S. national debt now exceeds $18 trillion, which given the fact that only a little more than 120 million Americans actually pay federal taxes, amounts to almost $150,000 of debt per taxpayer. To say nothing of ballooning state and local government indebtedness. Rhode Island, where I lived for many years, witnessing its love of other people’s money to pay for an unsustainable welfare state, is so deeply in debt that it’s as bad off as Greece, as even the mainstream media admits.

There is no reason to think this will end pleasantly, given the track record of every other country that has gotten itself deeply into long-term debt and dependency on borrowed foreign money to pay for current liabilities. Once doubts of any sort emerge about the U.S. dollar’s status as the global reserve currency, the rot will emerge rapidly and America’s fiscal nightmare will be here, with a vengeance. That reckoning can be delayed for years, even decades, but when it comes, as it eventually will, it will come suddenly, at which point there will be no palatable remedy.

(But our elites are not concerned about the nation. They're only interested in their preserving their own power and wealth.)

Utter Cluelessness

What causes violent extremism.  NewYork Times, progressives are stumped.  (Gosh, you think there might be a connection to the...Koran?)

Enjoyed this paragraph:  When researchers do come up with possible answers, the government often disregards them. Not long after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, for instance, Alan B. Krueger, the Princeton economist, tested the widespread assumption that poverty was a key factor in the making of a terrorist. Mr. Krueger’s analysis of economic figures, polls, and data on suicide bombers and hate groups found no link between economic distress and terrorism.

More than a decade later, law enforcement officials and government-funded community groups still regard money problems as an indicator of radicalization.

Left Pretends Islamophobia is the Real Problem

We are facing an unprecedented age of terror. The ethnic cleansing of Christians around the world is one of the great crimes of our age.   (Very true. But if the administration admitted this inconvenient truth, it would also have to admit the ethnic cleansing is mostly being carried out by Muslims. Then there goes that Religion of Peace narrative.)

Might Make you Uneasy

Federal and local law enforcement authorities Tuesday are investigating after 17 (Middle Eastern) men were detained for reportedly firing off hundreds of rounds in a remote part of Apple Valley.

(Let's see, Middle Eastern men firing weapons. Now what could possibly go wrong here?)

The Essence of Stupidity (and liberalism)

"When Salah Abdeslam, believed to be the logistics chief for an Islamic State terror cell, was captured, Belgian officials followed law enforcement procedures with precision. They provided Abdeslam a lawyer, told him he had the right to remain silent and put him into the Belgian criminal justice system. Four days later, the terror cell carried out bombings in Brussels that killed 35 people — including at least four Americans — and injured hundreds more. Astonishingly, officials did not question Abdeslam at all for his first 24 hours in during the two hours of questioning, interrgators did not ask about his knowledge of future plots."

Would Have Been a Good Match

A primetime, 18-hole match that would have pitted Rory McIlroy against Rickie Fowler against this summer in Detroit has reportedly been cancelled. (Shucks, I would have enjoyed watching that.)