November 2015

Is Anyone Surpised? Appalled, yes. But Surprised

Violence erupts in Paris as climate protesters trash memorial for terror victims. (Some environmentalists are just anti-human.)

The MSM's Double Standard

So let’s get this straight. When a lunatic shoots up a Family Research Council office, it has nothing to do with its political opposition. When an abortionist runs loose because public officials are too intimidated to enforce the laws that do exist, it has nothing to do with political support for abortion. But when a lunatic shoots up an abortion clinic, it’s the fault of millions of Americans who oppose abortion, and who argue peacefully for limits on the practice and better oversight of those who operate in the industry?

Even when “police have not yet identified a clear motive for the shooting”?

The shootings in a clinic and the deaths of two people are horrific acts that everyone with a lick of sense and humanity abhors. But what the Washington Post and pro-abortion advocates are conducting in its wake is an attack on free speech and the political process, not to mention the unconscionable smearing of millions of Americans. It’s disgusting, manipulative, exploitative, and un-American. Shame on them, and shame on the Washington Post for its egregious bias.

Age of Offense Hits a New Low

Christine Flowers: Growing up in a world where irony and humor are banned by governmental fiat is a dangerous thing. It turns healthy human beings into all-purpose victims. I've written about this before when the kids at Yale and Mizzou got their pre-Paris attack 15 minutes of fame which, by the way, they were annoyed at losing when the grown-ups took control of the news cycle.

The reason? Well, they tried to dress it up in language that did not seem as if Tina Fey had written it for a Saturday Night Live sketch, but the truth was fairly obvious: “Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced and what practices from what cultures . . . they are being taken from. Many of these cultures are cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy, and we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves and while practicing yoga.”

The day that yoga becomes culturally offensive is the day that Mr. Rogers becomes a metrosexual icon. In other words, anyone who has a problem with Westerners (or rather, 21st-century colonialists) teaching yoga classes to disabled students — for free! — is a real pain in the asana.

This is up there with women on campus carrying around mattresses because they want the world to take their complaints about sexual abuse seriously (right, toting a Serta through the cafeteria line is exactly the way to avoid ridicule). This is up there with complaining about red Starbucks cups at Christmas. This is up there with Ivy League students being told what Halloween costumes they can wear so as not to offend indigenous zombies. This is right up there with a white guy going on a hunger strike until the University of Kansas instituted “mandatory, intense” racial re-education workshops for students (bro, look in the mirror). And yes, this is up there with allowing a same-sex couple to throw a legally compensated hissy fit because one particular baker out of the hundreds of thousands of millions in the world would not serve up a wedding cake.

But Dont Expect Feminists To Protest

Univ. of Missouri prof arrested for dragging hijab-less teenage girl by the hair.

He then allegedly slapped her across the face, and pulled her by the hair down and flight of stairs and into his car.

Omar’s LinkedIn page lists him as being an assistant professor at the University of Missouri, Columbia and manager of Artifacts Journal at the University bookstore.

(Taking a wild guess, I'm saying feminists and progressives will say it's OK for a MUSLIM to assault and slap women.  It's just that white guys shouldn't do it.)

Weak, Confused, Unable to Grasp

  He can't talk about a strategy in the Middle East because he doesn't have one. He thinks he doesn't need one because he's confident that ISIS, "the junior varsity," will implode. Hardly anyone agrees with him. Like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders he cannot even bring himself to say the words "radical Islamic violence." If he cannot bring himself to say who the enemy is, and what that enemy is up to, he can hardly deal with that radical Islamic enemy. He says Islamic refugees are no more likely to be violent than Christian refugees. He insists that ISIS is just another manifestation of terrorism, not a caliphate that demands to be recognized as a state. "Nobody," he says, "is under illusions that [ISIS] can actually in a sustained way feed people or educate people or organize a society that would work." Maybe Mr. Obama doesn't know anyone who thinks that, but there are many well-informed people who do. The record is clear that ISIS can indeed operate as a state. It collects garbage and collects taxes — what else must a state do to demonstrate its effectiveness?

"Unable to grasp." That will be the epitaph for the Obama presidency

Black Pastors Will Endorse Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump will take the next step in his religious outreach effort next week when he announces the endorsement of a group of 100 African-American pastors and religious leaders at his Manhattan headquarters.  (At the start of the campaign I thought Trump would fade. He won't. This is a major event for his campaign.)

A 21st Century Samaritan

Vox Day gives a modern take on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Well, What Could Possibly Go Wrong There

This Often Happens When a Beer Truck is Stolen

GA man named Miller steals Coors Light truck; runs himself over during escape (The good news. He's in the running for "Dumbest Criminal of the Month Award."

A Grim Sign of the Times

The chief rabbi of Brussels told an Israeli radio station Monday that there is no future for Jews in Europe.  (And the New York Times did a sob story on Muslims this week, beamoaning that one or two New Yorkers allegedly said bad things to random Mulims.)