December 2014

Newsweek's Merry Christmas

The hit job by Newsweek on Christiantity is shredded by Justin Taylor who, as opposed to the Newsweek reporter, actually knows something about the Bible.


(Eichenwald’s article “is short on the facts, it has little understanding of interpretive principles, it assumes that it knows more about theology than it really does, and it pours out scorn and contempt on the average believer.”  that pouring our scorn and contempt is a sign of pride, the greatest of all sins. It's a common sin of journalism.)

They Deservie an Apology

University of Virginia professor Robert F. Turner and his son, Thomas E. Turner, a junior at the university, are calling for U.Va. officials to apologize to the fraternities and students "wrongfully punished“  by the administration after the Rolling Stone magazine published a since-discredited story about a fraternity gang-rape at the school.

Bet MSNBC Will Ignore This

Well, You Hate to See This...

    Santa Claus jailed in Jordan, doing charity without a license.

Both Groups Being Overpaid

The College Insurrection blog has a story "Should College Presidents be paid more than the President of the United States?"    Reminds me of the time Babe Ruth was told he was being paid more than the president (Herbert Hoover). Ruth replied, "I had a better year than he had."

The Gay Inquisition Continues

So I guess my problem with this is that gay people can go to any other florist and get the flowers they want. But instead of doing that, they prefer to force their morality on this woman. This woman doesn’t think that same-sex marriage is something to be celebrated. But the gay rights activists think that she needs to be forced by the power of the state to celebrate gay marriage. How would gay marriage affect you? Well, you will be prosecuted by the state and have your wealth confiscated. This case should be talked about in every church in the land next Sunday. But then I guess people would complain that that they were being too political and not providing them with feelings of comfort and happiness.

(There's an old southern saying. "Never trust a man who tells you how honest he is, he will steal you blind."  Likewise, never trust people who tell you how tolerant and compassionate they are - they are the most coldblooded, callous, sadistic orcs on the face of the Earth.)

The Constitution Had a Very Bad Year

This immigration end-run creates a class of people who effectively are exempt from the immigration laws, without Congress ever having recognized such an exemption. It is not prosecutorial discretion but a usurpation of legislative power.

The Costs of Diversity - A Swedish lesson

The realities of immigration are apparent for all to see: welfare dependency, violent bigotry against Christians and Jews, and a wide range of social pathologies from unemployment to politically motivated rape. Accordingly, ever-increasing numbers of Swedes find themselves — despite known hazards — opting out of the consensus and worrying about their country’s cultural suicide.

(But the media and major political parties in Sweden and here, condemn anyone who questions mass immigration as bigots.)