September 2014

Muslim Soccer Fans Cheer ISIS

Guess those "moderate" Muslims the adminstration is looking for are not big soccer fans.

If You Think ISIS is Bad, Try Rosie...

Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg verbally  fight it out during a commercial break at The View

Not All That Surprising

Obama has missed more than half of his intelligence briefings during the second term. (Probably was too busy playing golf.)

In the Midst of Darkness - Incredibly Light

Tweet From Ron Fornier

I, me, my. It's their fault. I, me, my. It's their fault. I, me, my. It's their fault. I, me, my. It's their fault. I, me, my ..

(Apt description of Obama's speeches.)

Modern Campus is weak on Math and History Too

Camille Paglia: Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil:  Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature.

(It seems the modern liberal world is also actively denying evil and pretending not to see it.)

About That War on Women

An Iranian woman sentenced to death for killing a man who tried to rape her told her mother goodbye and prepared to die, even as the Islamic republic’s president was meeting with world leaders at the United Nations. (Which tells you more about the UN than it does about Iran.)

Some Energy Good News

The US is overtaking Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of liquid petroleum, in a sign of how its booming oil production has reshaped the economy.