August 2014

Cheers For Vets And the Second Amendment

89-year-old World War II veteran shoots armed robber.

Cheers for the Second Amendment

Woman uses her gun to ward off abduction.

About Time It Had One

It's International Bacon Day. We know how to celebrate.

A Trend in Other States Too

In North Carolina, there are now more students being homeschooled than are in private schools

Even the WaPo is exhausted with Obama

U.N. - Jews are Terrible. Er...On Second Thought

A Look at the President's Schedule

Still Think I'd Prefer a Human

Six Major Advantages to Having Sex With Robots  (No. 6. Afterwards, you can have them do your laundry.)

In my now out-of-print but very good  novel "A Cold and Distant Memory," this is routine. It's noted in the novel in passing. The novel also features a balkanized United States - white, black, Hispanic sections, etc. That could come true too.