May 2014

Best Economic Recovery - North Dakota

in a handful of states, the unemployment rate has fallen well below its recession-era apex, home values are up and the median income has risen. And no state has recovered better than North Dakota.

Happy Birthday to a fine author that culture forgot

They Voted For Him but...

2014 grads voted for Obama and will have less because of it.

The reason why unemployment fell by four-tenths of a point (to 6.3%) in April while growth stalled is that 806,000 people left the labor force.

The labor-force participation rate fell by four-tenths of a point to a level reached in 1978, which was during the Carter-era stagflation and early in the surge of women into the workforce.

There are about 14.5 million more Americans than before the recession but nearly 300,000 fewer jobs, and household income remains below the pre-recession peak.

There is, however, something new under the sun. The Pew Research Center reports that Americans 25 to 32 — "millennials" — constitute the first age cohort since World War II with higher unemployment or a greater portion living in poverty than their parents at this age. But today's millennials have the consolation of having the president they wanted.

A Light in the Darkness

Arizona High School grads open and close graduation ceremony with prayer: "The world keeps saying 'No' to God, we say "Yes' to God.

A Moment of Moral Clarity

Leslie Eastman reminds us that the young men killed in the UCSB shooting were as important as the young women. Which seems to have been forgotten in the mass media.

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The Economy Tanks

The nation's economy contracted at an annual rate of 1 percent during the first quarter of this year. (Well, who is surprised at this knowing the Obama economic plan? Not me.)

Literallly Pointless

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's West Point Speech was "literally pointless." (But that describes so much of Obama's presidency.)