April 2014

High School Officials are Idiots

High School students say pledge in Arabic: "One Nation Under Allah."

I Rather Like Colorado

But half the folks in Illinois and Connecticut want to exit the state. And Maryland isn't much better.

A Slowing Economy

Not Good News

Obama - the Poverty President

So there are more Americans living in poverty under President Obama than under his predecessor. If he were a Republican, this reality would be widely acknowledged. It’s better to be a Democrat.

Corruption Galore

EPA Chief intervened to halt internal inquiry

The Wheels of Justice Do Grind Slowly

A Lesson in Economics

Toyota moves thousands of jobs from socialist California to capitalist Texas

Taking a Brean And...

...this is too good to pass up.

MSNBC Ratings sllip to worst in seven  years. Even Morning Joe slipped to third place.

(Perhaps this is because no one likes to listen to a bunch of dishonest jackasses who think they are smarter, better, and more enlightened than anyone else.

Have a Great Day

Little, if any, blogging today. busy with other matters.