January 2014

Faith-Based Bigotry in Hollywood

Yes, They're Not In the Other Place

Montenegro church depicts Tito, Marx and Engels in hell.  (Shouldn't be all that controversial.)

Our Brave New Diversity World

  New York school cuts popular gifted programs due to lack of diversity.  (The Diversity Crowd is as stupid and callous as any group on Earth.)

Obama's Love of Elites

Looking at his administration, however, you would never know he believes that. Yes, as the president pointed out, both he and House Speaker John Boehner come from modest backgrounds. But as a graduate of Harvard Law School, Obama has shown himself more of that stripe, stuffing his administration with like-minded denizens of the Ivy League.of 250 decision-makers in the Obama administration found that no fewer than 40 percent of them held Ivy League degrees. The survey also found than an overwhelming majority of administration officials hailed from the Northeast, with the West and South severely underrepresented.

That Tolerance Thing (MSNBC Doesn't Have It)

MSNBC engages daily in the othering business, of making conservatism itself (and sometimes libertarianism, and other non-Progressive ideological strains) a disreputable condition, explicable in terms of pathology. That this is done in the name of tolerance and sensitivity to punitive stereotypes is one of the ironies of our age.

MSNBC Sticks Foot in Mouth Again

An offensive tweet about bi-racial families causes outrage and a hasty apology for MSNBC officials.

Our Know Nothing Attorney General

Attorney General Eric Holder was unable to explain to Congress why President Barack Obama was within his constitutional limits when he issued an executive order to delay Obamacare’s employer mandate. The nation’s top law enforcement officer said he hasn’t looked at the analysis in “some time” and thus was unsure of where along the constitutional spectrum the order is permitted.

All's The President's Women

It is not a coincidence that most of the Obama administration scandals happened under the leadership of women. The Obama administration chooses to surround itself with “yes men” and “yes women,” but liberal “yes women” have an advantage: it is hard to criticize and grill them when a scandal happens without being accused of sexism and being a bigoted woman-hater.