September 2013

Light in the Darkness

Syrian war refugees have traveled to Israeli hospitals for help and no one has been turned away. Can any one see Syrian hospitals taking care of Jewish refugees?

(So tell me again, which religion is the religion of peace?)


The River Way Home

Being a native Floridian who grew up in Indian River County, this sounds like a beautiful book - Here is a quote from one of the reviews - Mary Dawson's novel captures the pristine beauty of Florida before big development hit. Her lyrical prose and deep love for the environment infuse a wonderful story that engages from the opening sentence to the final conclusion. Historical photos add another layer of interest. "The River Way Home" is destined to be a favorite book that readers will visit many times. Memorable, entertaining and a must read."

Link is The River Way Home.

Enough With the Self-Esteem

Kirsten Powers - Champion of Human Rights

About That Global Warming Thing...

MSM Alwalys Misses The Faith Story

In Hell, May The Be Chased by Vicious Hounds

 A dog that was too terrified to lift its head after years of abuse is now a happy, healthy, confident canine thanks to its new owners. 

The German Shepard mix, now named Apollo, was once in the care of a San Antonio, Texas animal care facility. A couple took a chance on him, however, and helped him gain trust in humans again. Now he's become the gentle, loving companion to their newborn baby.

(May whoever hurt that dog burn in hell.)

The Violene of Islam

In Western news-making and opinion-forming circles, there’s a palpable reluctance to talk about the most noteworthy thing about modern Islamist violence: its barbarism, its graphic lack of moral restraint. Across the commentating board, people are sheepish about pointing out the historically unique lunacy of Islamist violence and its utter detachment from any recognisable moral universe or human values. We have to talk about this barbarism; we have to appreciate how new and unusual it is, how different it is even from the terrorism of the 1970s or of the early twentieth century. We owe it to the victims of these assaults, and to the principle of honest and frank political debate, to face up to the unhinged, morally unanchored nature of Islamist violence in the 21st century.

The Kenyan Hero (He carried a gun)

In one of the most memorable images to emerge from inside the Nairobi mall attacked last weekend by Islamic extremists, a 4-year-old girl is seen running toward a man who is reaching out a hand to pull her to safety.

The man was Abdul Haji, a 39-year-old real estate executive who rushed to the mall as the attack got underway. He managed to evacuate scores of people to safety, including that young American girl, Portia Walker, and is being hailed in Kenya as a hero.

Haji says he grew up around guns and lately had been carrying his pistol with him. "I left where I was and I headed straight to the Westgate," Haji told ABC News. "Luckily on that particular day I had actually carried my licensed gun with me so I didn't have to go back home to waste time

The prisoners in the mall were not just killed but tortured.

As Glenn Reynolds points out, if this type of thing keeps up, people are going to think less of Islam.