August 2013

Castro Is a Bloody Tyrant AND a Lousy Book Critic

A fellow writer's novel Havana Queen has been denounced by the Castro regime. Boy, that's a badge of honor. You can read about James Bruno and his communist critics here. I'm guessing it's a exceptionally fine novel.

Teenage Genius Credits God

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is preparing to graduate from college. She attends Chicago State University, is majoring in psychology and has a 3.9 GPA. After graduation, she plans on getting a Psy.D in clinical psychology. She's 14 and has an I.Q, of 199.

According to a report on CBN News, "as devout Christians, Thessalonika and her family begin each day with prayer and Bible study. Her family attends Bill Winston Ministries in Forest Park, Illinois."

Well, Useless Degrees Are, In Fact, Useless

A young lady with a degree in "Social Justice and Peace Studies"  and pursuing a Master's in Peace Studies figures out such degrees are not worth much in the real world.

Being an advanced student of useless ideology doesn’t result in meaningful employment? What a surprise. Perhaps she can get some university to waste time and money by hiring her. Or perhaps she can get a government job and harass honest folks.

Another sign of obama's Narcissism

Bush always said (correctly) our military.Obama says my military. (Hey, Mr. President. You didn't build that and it's not yours.)

But It's Politically Useful

The familiar line that women get paid 77 cents to every $1 a man gets is NOT TRUE.

(But some politicians enjoy lying about it.)

About Time Someone Did

How To Avoid Terrorist Attacks

Just How Low Can You Go?

Amusing And Interesting.

Christian tweets are more happy than atheist tweets.

Enjoyed the reporter's note on the story - Scientists analyze the data but can't figure out the reason for Christians' happiness - Jesus.

Asking the Tough Questions.

Is NASA's Plan to Lasso an Asteroid Really Legal? (Well, is bombing Syria legal? That may not stop Obama.)