May 2013

He's Been A Busy Priest

 Catholic Church Top Exorcist Claims to Have Rid World of 160,000 demons

(In a related note, the IRS is looking for 160,000 new hires. But I'm sure that's only a coincidence.}

More Blue State Idiocy

  A kindergarten student brought a cap pistol to school to show a friend. He was questioned and intimidated for two hours and wet his pants with fear. He was also suspended for the rest of the year.

(In blue states, part of their religions beliefs is to be anti-gun. But (secular) religion makes you do crazy, insane things and then feel rightuous about it.)

OK, Just How Lazy Are We Getting

 Burger King Introduces a Hands-Free Whopper Holder  - for people too fat and lazy to feed themselves.

Blue State Management

Detroit Heads to the Pawn Shop - But who wants an old, bankrupt, corrupt city? The only thing worthwhile in Detroit are the Tigers, who have a excellent team this year.  I don't worry about the Yankees winning the pennant because, even if they get in the playoffs, the Tigers should knock them off.

This is another grim reminder of just how destructive Detroit’s corrupt machine politics have been. At one time, Detroit was the manufacturing capital of America and one of the country’s great cities; today it’s trying to stave off a kind of modern-day bonfire of the vanities. Every time Detroit seems like it’s about to hit rock bottom, a trap door opens to reveal yet another howling abyss.

Who Knew The BBC Was A Den Of Predators

  Twenty current or former BBC employees are accused of sexual abuse.

  (BBC newscasters are invariably leftist and tend to look down their noses at anyone who disagrees with them They also berated the Catholic Church when cases of sexual abuse came to light there, and blamed religion or celibacy for the scandal. Wonder what the BBC blames this on?)

Have To Like the Title

Kevin Williamson's new book is getting rave reviews. The title: The End is Near and It's Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier and More Secure.

(Let's hope he's right.)

Pope Francis vs. the Devil

Er...I'm not Catholic but I, for one, am rooting for the Pope.

(Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the Phllly abortionist who became the most successful serial killer in the nation's history is the Pope of the Pro-Choice movement. Again I'm not a Catholic, but I prefer the guy in Rome.)

No Need to Be Paranoid But...

A United States attorney says anti-Muslim postings on Social Media may be a federal crime.

(So you can arrest and imprison someone for exercising their First Amendment rights? Let's move to the United States where things like this would never

Allowing the Blind to See

Israeli scientists have developed a technology that may enable people who are blind from birth to see, with the help of a bionic contact lens.(Need a subscription to read entire story.)

(Have you ever noticed scientific advances come from Israeli scientists and, from the other religion in the area? Just wondering...)

And He's Reloading the Pop Tarts

  After a 7-year-old boys was suspended from school for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun, the NRA gave hima lifetime membership.

  And about this line in the story: Park Elementary told parents it would give counseling to any children who needed it after the Pop-Tart incident.

(Is any comment necessary?)