March 2013

This Might Work Over Here

Miss Manners Says 'Don't Taunt A Bison'

An Assault on Faith

(The Florida Atlantic University student who protested "Stomp on Jesus" exericise now charged with being a theat. the accusation is, of course, false and only proves that academics will lie to you quicker than a politician or a pundit.)

The reason the student faced charge  was that "the instructor was verbally threatened," not because the student objected to the Jesus exercise. "He faced a hearing over that."

About Those Rich 1 Percent

Washington Post executives made millions while the paper cut benefits and laid off staff. A little irony for our times.

Hey, Not Mine

 Critic says most literary fiction is terrible. (I'm off the hook. I don't write "literary fiction.")

Immersing oneself in the world of contemporary literary fiction — is, potentially, a recipe for hackneyed, insular, boring writing.

However, A Dark Orange Farewell and "At Play in the Seas of the Lord" are very exciting novels. And if you like romance, there's "Bay Island Beauty," which is suspenseful AND romantic.

A Guy You Have to Root For

 Steve Wheatcroft has never led, much less won, a PGA tournament. But he is leading going into Saturday's round of the Houston Open.

Wish him the best.

Storm Clouds At Easter

As Easter nears, there is a global assault on Christians, much of it in Muslim nations. But it's an assault the U.S. government doesn't want to recognize.

It’s rarely if ever fashionable among Western elites to focus on persecution of Christians. According to secular and leftist mythology, Christians are habitually the persecutors and imperialists. Victims groups are typically non-Christians. But today most Christians are outside the West, in the East or Global South, where hundreds of millions are routinely vulnerable to oppressive regimes and/or hostile movements. The largest persecuted Christian group is in China. But persecution of Christians is most ascendant against Christians in majority Muslim countries.

Praise For the New G.I.Joe Film

Retaliation actually has a fairly patriotic tone, with most of its heroes being Americans and a stirring moment of triumph involving our flag. Also, the notion of a president who hides his true intentions under a veneer of amiability will go down easy with conservatives. Retaliation isn’t a must-see but it’s a rousing pro-American popcorn movie that’s worth the ticket price.