January 2013

About That ObamaScam Thing...

An Amazing Golf Round

   Phil Mickelson missed out on a 59 by a fraction of an inch Thursday in the first round of the Phoenix Open.

   In the history of the PGA, only five people have shot a 59 at a major tournament. Even a 60 isn't bad.

Speaking Truth to Power...And the Obnoxious

How's That Hopey Changey Thing Working Out...Part II

Answering the Tough Questions

OK, Just How Stupid Can You Be?

The Bigotry of our Times

 Robert Spencer is "disinvited" to speak at a Catholic Men's Conference. He was, of course, accused of bigotry and Isalmophobia for speaking he truth.

  Roman Catholics should not cave in to Islamic bigots or haters. Spencer is a Catholic. Those attacking him do not wish the Roman Catholic church well.