August 2012

Our Best Hope Against Zombies

That's something we all need to know. (And it's not a high-tech laser anti-Zombie gun)

An Armed Society...

Armed citizen stops a violent attack on a policeman. (And he had a concealed carry permit.)

Credit to CNN

On Piers Morgan show, one of the guests was Rebecca Kiesslin, a lawyer who was conceived after a rape. The other guest was Gloria Allred and Morgan clearly favored Allred's pro-choice position but it was amazing Kesselin was given a chance to state her very powerful case.   Kudos to CNN

An Unbeliever's Questionaire

Stupidest Lead in the history of journalism

But it is a poltically correct lead. (Journalism, alas, is losing credibility and readers due to what is a clear leftwing slant in most news.)

Archbishop: Don't Vote For Evil

Sounds like good advice. (Take a wild guess which party he means.)