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06/24/2017 8:34

NO, Obamacare Has Not Saved American Lives

Public-health data from the Centers for Disease Control confirm what one might expect from a health-care reform that expanded Medicaid coverage for adults: no improvement. In fact, things have gotten worse. Age-adjusted death rates in the U.S. have consistently declined for decades, but in 2015 — unlike in 19 of the previous 20 years — they increased. For the first time since 1993, life expectancy fell. Had mortality continued to decline during ACA implementation in 2014 and 2015 at the same rate as during the 2000–13 period, 80,000 fewer Americans would have died in 2015 alone.

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06/24/2017 6:52

Bacon is a Hate Crime

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06/23/2017 8:19

The Lethal Cost of Immigration

A Renewed MS-13 — Courtesy of Obama’s Lax Immigration Policies

This is a welcome change, but the subsidence of the surge (for now) is cold comfort to the communities struggling with the revival of MS-13. And it’s not just in the Washington area. Obama’s fecklessness has created an MS-13 crime wave from the Long Island, N.Y., communities of Brentwood and Central Islip to Santa Maria, Calif., and in the many other communities in between where Central American teenagers were shipped. The lesson: The Obama approach of enforcing immigration law only against illegal aliens who have been convicted of violent crimes is a recipe for disaster. Public safety requires steady, consistent, across-the-board immigration enforcement.

(Trump's policies are a great deal better don't get innocent people killed)

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06/23/2017 7:57

NYT May BE Cutting Staff Again

Reporters at the New York Times could soon be “vulnerable” to the ax. If the ongoing round of voluntary buyouts being offered to editing staff does not get enough takers, the Gray Lady could begin another round, NYT Executive Editor Dean Baquet recently warned his top department editors.

“Up until now, the company had not indicated that layoffs would happen if targeted numbers weren’t achieved,” Grant Glickson, president of the NewsGuild, told Media Ink.

As part of the NYT’s ongoing restructuring of its editing ranks, 109 copy editors have had their jobs eliminated. There are estimated to be about 50 new jobs available in the restructured editing operation that the Times envisions for its digital- and video-oriented future.

When the downsizing was first revealed in late May, a memo from Baquet and Managing Editor Joe Kahn portrayed the cuts as a “streamlining” of the editing process and indicated that some of the savings would be used to hire up to 100 more journalists.

But in a mid-June meeting with department heads, Baquet admitted that journalists could be targeted in a new round of layoffs once the editing ranks are culled.

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06/23/2017 7:43

FBI's Conclusions Don't Make Sense

There’s no reason to beat around the bush here: what the FBI is claiming is mind-boggling when they claim the shooter had no target in mind. Consider the number of accidents of circumstance you would have to believe were going on here to not have the shooter doing what seems obvious from every piece of evidence we have: researching and planning for an attack on Republicans of some kind, particularly looking for an opportunity when security will be low and vulnerability will be high. This was an attack, not an “anger management” problem.

Step back, though, and think on the institutional conclusions here. Considering how ludicrous the FBI’s conclusions are as it relates to an attack on the third ranking member of the House of Representatives, you might reconsider whether to trust the FBI’s conclusions in other areas, as well.

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06/22/2017 7:01

That Figures

Scalise Shooter 'Liked' the Terror-Linked SPLC, Which Repeatedly Attacked Scalise.  (This is the second hate crime that that SPLC has been linked too.)

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06/22/2017 6:53

And It's About Time

Trump wants to ban immigrants from accessing welfare within five years of entering the US. (Weren't a lot of polticians assuring the American people that immigrants were not getting welfare?)

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06/22/2017 6:11

Let's Stop The Fake Moral Equivalencies

But overall, the Tea Party Movement and its offshoots, for all their flaws, were peaceful. I don't recall any incident in which a Tea Party protest devolved into a destructive riot. On the contrary, when Tea Partiers demonstrated against Obamacare and excessive taxation in general, they left their rally grounds cleaner than they found them. The vast, vast majority of these folks didn't seek out Obama supporters to harass or cudgel for disagreeing with the Tea Party's aims, and they didn't make excuses for anyone who did misbehave. 

The same cannot be said about the left. While there are many on that side of the aisle (like the center-left liberals I follow on YouTube) who absolutely abhor political violence, there are also many who don't -- and the members of that faction are not as marginalized as their analogs on the right. In fact, the thuggery of Antifa and BLM protestors has been repeatedly rationalized by leftwing writers with sizable audiences.

The rightwing blogosphere has never seriously entertained the idea that it's okay to punch commies who've done nothing but espouse their lunatic views.

I have never seen a rightwing group flood a college lecture hall to shout down a speaker the right doesn't like. I've certainly never seen a rightwing group set a campus on fire to prevent a leftwing speech or teach-in from going forward.

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06/21/2017 8:03

The Miedia Ignored the Obama Scandals

As news outlets dissect every new crumb in the alleged Trump-Russia-collusion scandal, they're largely ignoring other, very troubling scandals that happen to involve the previous administration.

So far, and no doubt to the disappointment of many Trump haters, the Russia scandal has been going nowhere fast. Eleven months of investigating has so far turned up no hard evidence that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to interfere with the November elections.

While that scandal drags on, however, several others have taken surprising turns. Not that you'd know it from the coverage these are getting from the mainstream press.

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06/21/2017 7:56

Five Takeaways From the Handel Victory in Ga.

No, 1 - As if the 2016 presidential primaries and general election were not enough, the Georgia 6 special election underscored that money does not win elections. This special election was the most expensive House election in U.S. history, and the candidate who spent the most lost.

Ossoff's campaign raised and spent $24 million, while Handel's campaign only raised and spent $4.5 million. Handel did receive more support from outside groups ($18.2 million supporting her or attacking Ossoff) than Ossoff did (just under $8 million supporting him or attacking Handel). But Ossoff still received $10 million more in support than Handel.

No, 2 -Nancy Pelosi is a perfect punching bag - 

Most of the Handel ads attacking Ossoff tied the Democrat to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It appears that that message worked.

"Every morning I wake up and I take a moment to be thankful that the Republican Party still has Nancy Pelosi because Nancy Pelosi is absolutely toxic," Corry Bliss, the executive director of the Congressional Leadership Fund, which spent $6.2 million for Handel, told The Washington Times. "This race is a referendum on Nancy Pelosi and her liberal policy agenda, which is just fundamentally out of touch with a vast majority of Americans, as we saw in Montana."

Pelosi has not been at the forefront of Congress for six years, but Americans still associate her with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the botched effort on cap and trade, the Obama stimulus, etc.

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06/21/2017 7:47

Hatred Is Acceptable on the Left

Michelle Malkin reveals the depth of irrational hatred on the Left for Otto Warmier and, frankly, their hatred of all white people.

More than a year before succumbing to the unknown illness or injury that left him in a coma thousands of miles away from home, Otto Warmbier’s own countrymen murdered his reputation. His character. His humanity.

Click-hungry media ghouls knew nothing about Warmbier’s small-town upbringing, his family life, politics, personality, disappointments or dreams. But they gleefully savaged a young man who made a mistake on a doomed trip to a totalitarian hell.

Warmbier’s thoughtless taunters instantly transformed him into a bigger, badder villain than the barbaric DPRK goons who beat, starve, rape and kill enemies of the state for such offenses as listening to foreign radio broadcasts, possessing Bibles and disrespecting Dear Leader — in Warmbier’s case, by attempting to steal a propaganda sign that read “Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong-il’s patriotism!” as a souvenir.

The Huffington Post published an acid rant by “Blogging While Black” writer La Sha titled “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal.” She rejoiced at Warmbier’s sentence because, she gloated, it taught him that “the shield his cis white male identity provides here in America is not teflon abroad.”

...For a few cheap yuks, liberal black comedian Larry Wilmore plowed ahead with smug disregard to how Warmbier's parents, family and friends must have suffered as photos and videos of their son and loved one were plastered all over media. To canned laughter, Wilmore mocked Warmbier on his Comedy Central show with a graphic labeling him an "ASS," which spelled out a fake frat name, "Alpha Sigma Sigma."

"It's just tough for me to have much sympathy for this guy and his crocodile tears," Wilmore snarked as he roasted the "Frat Boy."

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06/20/2017 11:11

But Thought They Wanted the Truth

House Democrats are continuing to block testimony from about a dozen witnesses who sought to appear before the intelligence oversight panel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Congressional officials said one of the key witnesses, former informal adviser to the Trump campaign Carter Page, was scheduled to testify at a closed hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

But Democrats on the committee blocked the testimony, asserting they needed more time to prepare.

(But I'm sure it was done with the purest of motives)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan