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08/21/2014 4:02

Perhaps That Diversity Thing Just Isn't Working Out...

Former CIA Officer: UK Multiculturalism Created Homegrown Radicalism.

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08/21/2014 2:59

Not a Multiple Choice Question

Why is the White House Playing Politics with the death of James Foley. (Because playing politics is what they do best.)

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08/21/2014 9:48

These Thieves are Why We're Broke

The school board in Centinela Valley Union High School District is Los Angeles County is firing its superintendent, Jose Fernandez.

He was paid $750,000 a year.


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08/21/2014 7:46

It's a Strange World

An Navy veteran, ex-con, now born-again Christian wins $3m in the lottery.

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08/21/2014 7:31

If True, This Changes Everything

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08/20/2014 8:51

More Liberal Hypocrisy

San Francisco (Nancy Pelosi's home city) spared the water restrictions imposed on rural farmers.

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08/20/2014 3:38

Journalistic Malpractice

The New York Times buried this paragraph stating, "witnesses and forensic analysis have shown that Officer Wilson did sustain an injury during the struggle in the car."

That upsets the narrative being played by the mainstream media but it is news and should have been in the lead.

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08/20/2014 3:35

Yet Another Reason To Home School

Teen arrested, suspended for shooting a dinosaur (in a story he wrote.)

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08/20/2014 2:17

Thank God For Israel

The cure for all cancers may be on the way as Israeli scientists make a breakthrough.  (I'm guessing the Israelis will be so kind s to share this with the world, although the world is trying to kill them.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan