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12/19/2014 9:29

WaPo Slaps Obama Around

Post says Obama betrayed Cuban democrats. (And he did)

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12/19/2014 2:41

Not Surprising

Fewer Americans born in the U.S. have jobs now than were employed to November 2007, despite a working-age population growth of 11 million.  (What did you expect with 12 million illegal immigrants here?)

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12/19/2014 2:15

Those Terrible Capitalist Pigs...Oh

After Obama's announcement about relations with Cuba, the Cuban government apparently had begun preparing itself by announcing new measures that would allow Cubans who work for foreign companies to keep only 8% of their salaries. (Wow, a whole 8 percent. I see the Cuban government is on the side of oppressing workers...but we already knew that.)

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12/19/2014 9:20

Avid Readers Wanted

My new novel will be published later this month or early next month. "Last Stand at Lighthouse Point" is an exciting, thriller with a Christian theme. If you like books and would like to do a review, please contact me.

The summary of the book is: 

Drake Sanders has a great life. He enjoys his job, is planning to marry the women he loves and has a low golf handicap. An editor of a small daily on the North Carolina coast, he is investigating a bizarre murder, with possible supernatural overtones. He is also akin to Job, for the powers of darkness have been ordered to kill or destroy him. In a short time, he will be dealing with murderous locals, professional hit men, corrupt businessmen and demonic entities.

Like Job he has three friends. Harry Denton is a reporter and an intercessor, who has insight into spiritual matters. Tiffany Sanderson is a broadcaster who lost a local beauty pageant because it was rigged. Tracy Sundelin is an intelligent 13-year-old girl with incredible faith. They will be drawn into the battle and their lives too will be on the line.

  As the vultures of evil circle, a cosmic conflict of good vs. evil will ensue. As the battle wages, there is no mercy asked and no quarter given. Even for 13-year-old Tracy, it is kill or be killed.

   The four desperately hope, and believe, the traditional interpretation of the Book of Job is incorrect. They believe God will not stand silent in a time of crisis.

   The novel is not only a suspenseful thriller, it re-examines beliefs about the Book of Job in light of modern revelation and provides the reader with scriptural insight.

If you'd like to do a review, send me a e-mail at

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12/19/2014 9:03

Only ISIS Would Think of This

It’s widely reported that the ISIS is funding their terror state by oil sales. But, there are now reports that ISIS is also profiting from human organ sales.

The caliphate is trafficking human organs from kidnapped captives.

(This has been your update from the Religion of Peace)


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12/19/2014 8:03

Where is Captain America when you need him?

Jonah Goldberg notes that Sony should take a lesson from Captain America’s creators, who faced death threats from Hitler’s thugs.(However, with North Korea's objection to dissent, their officials could get tenure at almost any American university)

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12/19/2014 7:55

Why Christians Should Celebrate Hanukkah

It is no exaggeration to say that had it not been for Hanukkah, there could have very well not been a Christmas. Hanukkah prepared the way for the birth and ministry of Jesus. Therefore, Christians may want to not only wish the Jewish community a Happy Hanukkah, but also celebrate it themselves!

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12/19/2014 7:48

Probably Very Good News

Law Schools Have Shed 986 Full-Time Faculty (11 percent) Since 2010

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12/19/2014 6:53

Academic Silliness 101

Harvard University Dining Services has decided stop buying water machines from the Israeli company SodaStream due to concerns that their very presence might be a microaggression against Palestinian students. (So is it better to be anti-Semitic and give in to bullying?)

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12/19/2014 6:44

But This is What Leftists Do

Critics have long complained that the Obama administration mistreats our allies and coddles our enemies. There are exceptions, of course, but does anyone seriously dispute that general tendency?

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12/18/2014 7:34

Leftists Mourn Possible End of Poverty in Cuba

American leftists are praising the old, poverty-ridden Cuba  (You can take hatred of MacDonald's too far)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan