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01/31/2015 8:30

Cheers for the Second Amendment

Grandson shoots, kille home intruder to protect his grandmother.

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01/31/2015 2:24

Amazing Story

This looks like an amazing story of what could have been a horrid and tragic life. By the grace of God, Ms. Lynn has turned it into a triumph.   Raised by Strangers

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01/31/2015 12:18

Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl?

Probably not. But I enjoy the fact that Russell Wilson, the Seahawk Quaterback is a Christian. Several members of the famed Seahawk Defense are Christians too.

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01/31/2015 10:13

Baghdad Crowds Love 'American Sniper'

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01/31/2015 8:51

Never Again?

Charles Krauthammer: From the Jewish point of view, European anti-Semitism is a sideshow,” Charles Krauthammer writes today. “The story of European Jewry is over. It died at Auschwitz. Europe’s place as the center and fulcrum of the Jewish world has been inherited by Israel. Not only is it the first independent Jewish commonwealth in 2,000 years. It is, also for the first time in 2,000 years, the largest Jewish community on the planet.” “The threat to the Jewish future lies not in Europe but in the Muslim Middle East,today the heart  of global anti-Semitism, a veritable factory of anti-Jewish literature, films, blood libels and calls for violence, indeed for another genocide,”

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01/31/2015 8:40

45 years ago Alger Hiss was convicted

Some of the left still believes in his innocence but he was a hardcore Stalinist.

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01/30/2015 3:36

Youir Religion of Peace Update

Popular Nigerian Pastor, wh0 provided education for 400 children, butchered by Muslim killers. (But, of course, according to the Obama  Ad, they are not terrorists.)

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01/30/2015 7:40

Our Corrupt DOJ

A California case shows the corrupt nature of our Department of Justice

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01/30/2015 6:52

You Have to admire a Gutsy Lady

Woman Bans Muslims From Using Her Gun Range, The Response Is Out Of Control.

(But what would  so-called Religion of Peace members be doing at a gun range anyway. You don't see the Amish at a gun range.)

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01/29/2015 9:36

If You Strike Me Down....

The impact of Charlie Hebdo: Americans now back Muhammad cartoons

Nine years ago, six in 10 Americans said it was irresponsible for newspapers to run cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad over Muslims' objections. Today, six in 10 say they are okay with the newspapers doing just that.

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan