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05/29/2016 8:18

A Light in the Darkness

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05/29/2016 7:13

It's 1984 on at Universities

The Battle Against ‘Hate Speech’ on College Campuses Gives Rise to a Generation That Hates Speech

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05/28/2016 9:54

There is no humor, only brutality. in Islam

An asylum seeker who jokingly wore a T-shirt saying “I’m Muslim, don’t panic” was so savagely beaten by his fellow refugees that he had to be rushed to hospital.  (We should obviously vet refugees very carefully before letting them into the country. We don't want the two assailants but, the guy with the T-shirt we should let in.)


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05/27/2016 8:49

Common Sense Backed By Science

New study: father absence is a strong predictor of depression for young girls. (And, if anything, our culture has become at best neutral to fathers, instead of pro-family.)

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05/27/2016 8:28

End of Civilization is Near

Whale vomit beer could be the next big thing.  (I'm sticking with bourbon.)

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05/27/2016 7:38

Reality is always annoying for Socialists

Bernie Hits Bump on Univision: Speechless on Socialism’s Failures

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05/27/2016 7:12

Does Any Agency Obey the Law in This Adminisration

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05/26/2016 12:41

This Is Really Bad News

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05/26/2016 6:59

Most Corrupt Administration in History

Conflict of Interest disclosure reports filed by top federal officials were removed from public view by the Obama administration in recent months, a move that government transparency and accountability advocates condemn as a major setback.  (Gosh, I wonder if they have something to hide)

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05/25/2016 9:37

If There Wasn't Enough things to Worry About

Warning to swimmers about "vampire fish"  invading rivers this summer  (I'm thinking this might be a sign of the end times.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan