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02/12/2016 8:06

A Weekend Pause

Am finishing a freelance assignment today and then wife Denise and I will take a weekend getaway. Probably no blogging until late Monday or Tuesday

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02/11/2016 6:44

Harvard Med Students: No More Asians

Harvard med students demand diversity, but no more Asians please, (Who knew those social justice warriors were so racist?)

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02/09/2016 1:12

News From My Home State

Florida man charged with throwing alligator into Wendy’s  (Next day Wendy's had alligator burgers on the menu..but I'm sure that's just a coincidence.) 

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02/09/2016 6:34

The Government as Shakedown Artist

Obama bullied bank to pay racial settlement without proof: report

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02/08/2016 9:36

Gosh, I don't Commit Crimes For Free

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02/08/2016 9:26

Sen.Sanders' Affection for the Left

But in 1963 when Sanders worked on Hashomer’s kibbutz, its members considered themselves Marxist-Zionists, and they held a pro-Soviet orientation which included supporting Soviet foreign policy

(So that means he would fit right in with the Democratic Party of today.)

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02/08/2016 7:28

Pride (and a press conference) goes before a Fall

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02/08/2016 6:55

If You Can Shut up the Media....

Wow’: Ted Cruz Delivers Answer on Heroin Epidemic So Powerful That Media Center Falls ‘Silent’

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02/08/2016 6:42

Broncos Take the Super Bowl

I disagree with the New York Times who said it was't a good game.. To a Broncos fan it was a great game The Broncos have pulled things like t his game out all year. They've won games they should have lost, but that's a mark of a great team. The team also owes gratitude to Brock Ostweiler. As backup quarterback, he beat the Patriots In Denver. If the Broncos had lost, they would have met the Patriots again in the playoffs but in New England., where the Broncos don't have a good record.

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02/06/2016 10:40

News From the Home State

St. Cloud homeowners find catfish in mailboxes (Sounds like another routine day in Florida.)

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02/06/2016 10:30

That Diversity Thing May not be Working Out

Germany parents pulling their children out of 'diverse' schools. (Wonder if the bullying and assaults have anything to do with it. Just a wild guess.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan