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04/18/2015 10:18

Obama's Pretend War on Terror

 However, as Hayes explains, “the senior DIA official who ran the project, Colonel Derek Harvey, says the intelligence community has fully analyzed less than 10 percent of the collection. Top DIA officials were told directly to stop providing analyses based on the bin Laden documents.” Why? This information refuted Obama’s boast that al-Qaeda was “on the run.” “The administration had decided to end the war on terror, and no amount of new intelligence about threats from al Qaeda was going to change their minds,” Hayes added. “So they chose ignorance.”

(If you realized from the first that Obama was and is a radical leftist, this is shocking but not surprising.)

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04/17/2015 7:47

In this case, the Good Guys were Rich

 In Fraudulent Suit Against Chevron, One Honest Judge Makes A Difference

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04/17/2015 7:26

Don't See any Protests About China

Even when China just announced they will stay in Tibet. (Wonder how college protests this will create. After all, students are protesting Israel "occupying" Palestine. Will they protest China occupying Tibet? Fat chance)

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04/16/2015 7:25

The Govt-Big Business Complex

GM bankruptcy worth billions in faulty-ignition switch reprieve. Judge says company not liable for deaths, injuries before government takeover

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04/16/2015 6:56

Third Suspect Arreested in Panama City Gang Rape

Did you ever notice when the rape suspects are not white, no one calls for a national discussion about rape, or wonders if there's a "rape culture" in African American society?

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04/15/2015 9:24

From Athiest to Christian

A former atheist historian explains how his study of the historical Jesus lead him to become a Christian.

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04/15/2015 2:19

So It's Not a Crowded Universe After All

A Scan of 100,000 Galaxies Shows No Sign of Alien Mega-Civilizations  (Which means, sadly, we are stuck with the Progressives. We can't send them anywhere.)

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George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan